Star Wars Insider 42 is the forty-second issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was published in February/March 1999.


The issue is notable for its coverage of the "Lost Cut" of A New Hope.


Kevin Fitzpatrick offers a preview of the new sound system developed by THX and Dolby to premiere with The Phantom Menace– Dolby Digital-Surround EX.
He's scary, he's tough, and he's a Wu Shu master. Scott Chernoff meets Ray Park, the actor behind the make-up and double-sided lightsaber of Episode I villain Darth Maul.
Our favorite director talks about Episodes II and III at his press conference Down Under–and the Insider is there to hear it.
The multi-talented director/performer who brought Yoda to life is back for Episode I. Frank Oz talks to Scott Chernoff about directing, the Muppets, and the triumphant return of the Jedi Master.


Our readers want in on Episode II.
Our biggest update ever! 12 pages of exclusive Episode I photos!
Nick Dudman is Episode I's creature wrangler.
Trailer advance screening pulls in fans; Nintendo nabs Episode I games; Lego-palooza
Anthony Daniels is back!
Admiral Ackbar resurfaces.
Vader and Fett are the dark heroes on Dark Horse's horizon.
All your Star Wars collection questions answered.

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