Star Wars Insider 47 is the forty-seventh issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was published in January 2000. Issue 47 featured the first "flesh and blood" image of Star Wars Legends character Mara Jade, as portrayed by model Shannon McRandle for Decipher, Inc.'s Star Wars Customizable Card Game.



The women in Anakin Skywalker's life reflect on the events of Episode I and use the Force to see a glimpse of Episode II. The Insider's Kevin Fitzpatrick chronicles the words of the Queen and Mother of the Star Wars universe.
  • "Chewie Lives!"
The man inside the Wookiee talks for the first time about Chewie's "death" in the novel Vector Prime, as well as the character's new comic book, classic trilogy memories, and his powerful night at the MTV Movie Awards. Plus, Del Rey Books explains its controversial decision. Lifelong Chewie fanatic Scott Chernoff does it all for the Wookiee.
Finally, an all-out look at the most popular character in the Star Wars Expanded Universe! Scott Chernoff goes behind the scenes at the photo shoot for Mara Jade's new Decipher card—the first "life-action" rendering of the new Mrs. Skywalker—and talks to character creator Timothy Zahn about the evolution and future of the former Emperor's Hand. It's a Mara Jade blow-out!
From the waters of Naboo to the sands of Tatooine a new menagerie of memorable creatures is unleashed in the first episode of the Star Wars saga. Daniel Wallace, author of the upcoming Essential Guide to Episode I, chats with artist Terryl Whitlatch about creature creation in this fantastic photo-filled feature.
  • "Star Wars Rocks II >> Jedi Boogaloo"
Jon Bradley Snyder returns to the record store for another look at the sometimes bizarre, sometimes hilarious, always rocking music inspired by the Star Wars saga. Rock, rap, metal, lounge, calypso—it's all here, along with another brand new Star Wars Rocks painting by the Insider's Hugh Fleming. For those about to rock, we salute you!


Our readers sound off on Episode II spoilers, classic trilogy coverage in the Insider, and original trilogy vs. Special Edition. Buckle up!
Rick McCallum talks about the work already done for Episode II, and the future of Indiana Jones.
Episode I headed for home video; Doug Chiang in San Diego; ILM in New York; George Lucas in Love; and much more of the latest news from the Lucasfilm universe.
In the cockpit with Nien Nunb.
Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade walk down the aisle in Dark Horse Comics' Union, while the Wookiee re-asserts his star power in Star Wars: Chewbacca.
All your Star Wars collecting questions answered, with a smile.
Ty Teiger is the master of the prequel prop domain.
  • "Rebel Rumblings Fan Art Gallery"

A Rebel Rumblings extra highlighting some of the amazing art we receive every day from fans like you!

  • "The Last Page"

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