Star Wars Insider 48 is the forty-eighth issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was released to newsstands on April 4, 2000.



Joining the ranks of Hardware Wars and Troops, the new short film spoof George Lucas in Love has become an instant fan classic—and gotten its creators on the Hollywood fast track. Brian F. McCoughey talks to the filmmakers about how they did it.

It's time to put the rumors to rest, as the Insider goes on a hunt for the secret images, jokes, and cameos (known as Easter Eggs) hidden throughout The Phantom Menace. Mark Cotta Vaz goes behind the scenes with ILM to debunk the myths and uncover Easter Eggs not yet found. From E.T.s to Blade Runner to lawn mowers, it's all here!

Get face-to-face with the talented actors who lent their voices to some of the greatest characters in the latest Star Wars episode. Jason Fry lends an ear to the performers behind Watto, Sebulba, Captain Tarpals, Darth Maul, TC-14, and both Fode and Beed. Hear ye, hear ye!

  • "Decipher This!"

They came, they saw, they conquered. The brave competitors for the Star Wars CCG World Championship met at the 1999 Decipher Con in Virginia Beach, and the Insider's Rich Handley was there to watch the winners.

Now that Darth Maul's been split in two, just what the heck is actor Ray Park going to do? Well, star in X-Men, for one thing—and slice-and-dice in Sleepy Hollow for another. Scott Chernoff catches up with Park one year after his first Insider interview to reflect on his summer of Star Wars and look ahead to his burgeoning feature film career.

  • "Star Wars Road Trip"

Fasten your seat belts—it's the Insider's comprehensive and adventure-filled exploration of all the places you can go where Star Wars was filmed in the United States, including the Tatooine dunes of Death Valley and Yuma, the Endorian forests of Northern California—and a lot more. David West Reynolds and Scott Chernoff take a look back at the original location shooting and find the Death Valley spots again. Plus, your handy road map and written directions so you can make the Star Wars Road Trip yourself. All that and a cool contest, too!


Chewbacca the Wookiee, rest in peace.

Rick McCallum moves to Australia for Episode II, and gears up for principal photography this summer.

Casting begins on Episode II; Yoda strikes back; Episode I video details; Revenge of The Simpsons; Lucas and Spielberg in L.A.; Star Wars RPG returns; and much more of the latest news from the Lucasfilm universe.

  • "In the Star Wars Universe"

On the run with Rune Haako, and more of Mas.

Star Wars Tales lets unexpected characters and stories shine.

Let the Onslaught begin: Michael A. Stackpole turns the Tide.

  • "Scouting the Galaxy"

All your Star Wars collecting questions answered, with Force.

  • "The Last Page"

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