Star Wars Insider 51 is the fifty-first issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was the first issue published under the new direction of Wizards of the Coast and the last produced by former Star Wars Fan Club president Dan Madsen, who oversaw the creation of Star Wars Insider in 1987 under the title The Lucasfilm Fan Club Magazine. It's also the last issue for longtime Editor-in-Chief Jon Bradley Snyder. Managing Editor Scott Chernoff, who had been running the magazine, stayed on for a while but stepped back to Contributing Editor status after this issue.

Originally scheduled for an October/November 2000 release in accordance with the magazine's regular bimonthly publication schedule, issue 51 was delayed until January 2001 due to the change in publishers.


  • Sir Alex Guinness 1914-2000 - The Legend and the Legacy
  • Harrison Ford - What Lies Ahead
  • Meet the New Stars of Episode II
  • Jonathan Hales - Inside the Screenplay to Episode II
  • Inside the Worlds of Star Wars Episode I (article)
  • Christopher Lee: Rings of Fire


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