Star Wars Insider 53 is the fifty-third issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was released to newsstands in April 2001.



  • Dark Force Rising
When he's bad, he's very bad. Ian McDiarmid explains why Palpatine's motives are more suspect than ever. Scott Chernoff's looking at evil in a whole new light.
That was a gun? From naughty Threepio to autographed chase cards, Topps has put out enough Star Wars trading cards to make Pikachu jealous. Take a look at the history of Topps Star Wars trading cards, courtesy of Michael G. Ryan.
Insider gives you a sneak peek at the upcoming Essential Guide to Aliens with extensive data on Rodians, Verpine, and Yuuzhan Vong. And this is just the preview!


Insider experiences the brunt of a letter writing campaign and we reveal the true facts on how to get your Star Wars story published.
Rick McCallum gives you the very latest on Episode II.
Keeping an eye on who's doing what, where, when, and how.
  • Comics Link
It's a New, New, New, New Hope in Infinities!
J. Gregory Keyes is in the spotlight with his new Star Wars novel, Conquest.
  • Gamescape
Is LucasArts' Starfighter reason alone for you to buy a Playstation 2? Yes. Yes it is.
Stephen J. Sansweet answers the question "Is Star Wars collecting dead?" (and also your letters).
2-1B dispenses his own brand of chicken soup for the soul.
  • The Last Page
Guess who's a mama's boy?

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