Star Wars Insider 63 is the sixty-third issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was released to newsstands on November 5, 2002. This issue came packaged with an exclusive Luke Skywalker card from Wizards of the Coast's Star Wars Trading Card Game.



Is it too early to start talking about Episode III? Not for producer Rick McCallum.
Everything you need to know about berthing your ship in Mos Espa.
The wait is over! Explore the great quality and bonus features you'll find only on the two-disc Attack of the Clones set.
A new breed of movie monster crashed onto the scene this summer. Read about their homeworlds, habits, and favorite snacks, plus behind-the-scenes factsand three furious arena matches!
  • "A Short History of Elstree Studios" by David Kaiser
It took the will of the Force to turn Elstree Studios into one of the busiest soundstages in the world.
  • "Imperial Block Aid" by Michael Mikaelian
The latest release for the Star Wars LEGO Ultimate Collectors' Series is not a local bulk-cruiser, mind you.
Rescue pilot Uldir Lochet, rogue Jedi Klin-Fa Gi, and the crew of No Luck Required risk everything to escape Yuuzhan Vong forces over Wayland.
  • "A New Hope Card Encyclopedia" by Michael Mikaelian
See all 180 cards from Wizards of the Coast's third expansion for the Star Wars Trading Card Game based on the events of Episode IV.


Readers unite!
Insider remembers the summer of 2002.
Poor Ki-Adi-Mundi; not only was he the last Jedi Council member to become a Jedi Master, he only recently joined the ranks of Hasbro's 12" figure line.
The Attack of the Clones animation director takes you inside Dex's Diner for a meet-and-greet with its digital denizens.
Star Wars: Bounty Hunter lets you explore the galaxy's gray areas; Knights of the Old Republic transports you to a more civilized time; Star Wars Galaxies enter beta testing, and Insider takes you along for the ride.
Take your chances on Dagobah, a soundstage full of real wildlife, foam trees, rolling smoke clouds, and an amorous Muppet.
Cinescape magazine editor Jody Duncan got to sit next to George Lucas while he shot Episode II. She even wrote a book about it.
Dark Horse Comics' new Star Wars: Republic ongoing series promises to answer a 63-year-old question: What are the Clone Wars?
Before the Internet, Star Wars fans communicated the old-fashioned way.
If you're a Troig, you might have better luck solving this one.
Pointed questions and pointier answers from Attack of the Clones.
A Fett family moment.

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