Star Wars Insider 71 is the seventy-first issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was released to newsstands in October 2003. The subscriber-exclusive edition of issue 71 included the fifth volume of Bantha Tracks, the Official Star Wars Fan Club newsletter.


Rick's too busy to talk much this month-instead he sent these fabulous photos.
Our second annual list of suggestions for what to buy Star Wars fans who have everything.
Take an exclusive tour through one of the world's most fabulous collections: Stephen J. Sansweet's own Star Wars museum.
Five collecting teams go in ... and all five come out with the best collectibles $100 can buy.
  • "Assembly Required" by Jay Chladek
Sometimes the best collectibles you have to build yourself.
At last, the Indiana Jones movies are available on DVD. Here's how digital restoration and documentary filmmaking helped them get there.
Veteran model maker Lorne Peterson recalls the challenges and triumphs of creating visual effects for the adventures of Indiana Jones.
  • "Hero" by Gabriela Tcharner-Patao
While Harrison Ford is ready for a few laughs, he's still primed to don the hat and crack the whip one more time.


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