Star Wars Insider 75 is the seventy-fifth issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was released to newsstands on April 6, 2004. The subscriber-exclusive edition of issue 75 included the seventh volume of Bantha Tracks, the Official Star Wars Fan Club newsletter.


Late February was crunch time for production crew as they put the finishing touches on the "first assembly" of Episode III.
Ever since her small role in Episode I, Keira Knightley's star has been on the rise. Learn what's next for the former handmaiden, and for eight other women on screen and behind the scenes for Star Wars movies.
Never before have so many women appeared in one scene in a Star Wars movie. Now you can get their names, if not their numbers.
Would Han Solo have been so cool if he'd flown the Tantive IV instead of the Millennium Falcon?
They'll take your face off and put it on another actor, or cast your likeness in resin with or without a carbon-freezing chamber.
He's so bad he can't wait for Episode III to start trouncing some Jedi. Meet General Grievous, part machine, part… something else.
Jaina Solo is on a mission to stop a scientist from offering villains that most terrible weapon: eternal life.


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