Star Wars Insider 78 is the seventy-eighth issue of Star Wars Insider magazine. It was released to newsstands on October 5, 2004. This issue came packaged with promotional card P1 from the Topps trading card set 2004 Topps Star Wars Heritage.



  • "Prequel Update" by Pablo Hidalgo
    • In late August and early September, Lucasfilm revisited the historic Shepperton Studios in England for its first round of pick-up shoots.
  • "50 Factoids about the Original Star Wars Trilogy" by Daniel Wallace
    • To celebrate the release of the Star Wars trilogy on DVD, Insider has gone to great lengths to unearth 50 factoids about the historic films. Use what you learn wisely.
  • "The Restoration of Star Wars" by Insider Staff
    • Before the films could be brought home on DVD, they had to go through quite a makeover—and it wasn't easy.
  • "Star Wars Battlefront: See the Movies, Live the Battles" by Justin Lambros
    • Insider talks with Pandemic Executive Producer Greg Borrud to get the details on the exclusive demo available with the DVDs.
  • "Navigating the Galaxy: The Star Wars Trilogy Menus" by Brett Rector
    • Insider interviews Van Ling to gain insight into the process of creating the DVD menus. Plus, we tell you what's in the boxed set.
  • "The Artist Strikes Back" by Ron Magid
  • "A Subject of the Divine" by Abel Peña
    • Before there was Star Wars or even American Graffiti, there was THX 1138. Insider explores George Lucas' monumental first film just as it comes home on DVD.


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