Star Wars Insider 83 was the 83rd issue of Star Wars Insider, released on July 20 2005.


To win the war for galactic supremacy, it helps to have a few good men and some seriously powerful machinery on your side. Of course, fighting on the side of an omniscient Sith Lord helps too.
Episode III proved to be a feast for the visual senses thanks to the brilliance of director George Lucas and a few concept artists. In a bold move, Insider was able to breach Lucasfilm's art vault to bring you these exclusive images, and we didn't even have to harm any clone troopers to do it.
Now that the cinema saga is complete, fans will want to get up to speed about all the happenings in the Expanded Universe. Insider is pleased to offer up our 20 favorite moments from the past 28 years. We can even throw in a few not-so-great moments. We must warn you that there are many spoilers contained within-enter at your own risk!
The chances of appearing in a Star Wars film were pretty slim to begin with, but to appear in all three prequels—as up to four characters no less—is just simply unheard of. That is, unless you are Silas Carson.
  • "Spray Paint and Stormtroopers: Star Wars Street Art" by Bonnie Burton
George Lucas started a film making revolution when he released Star Wars back in 1977. Who knew that his creative fire would spark an urban revolution as well?
Battlefield surgeon Jos Vondar faces a moral dilemma when he must opperate on a Zabrak mercenary who killed his best friend.


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