Star Wars Insider 89 is the 89th issue of Star Wars Insider, released in August 2006.



Online Supplement[]

  • The Art of Underworld by Joe Corroney
    Artist Joe Corroney reveals the behind-the-scenes secret of his Underworld art.
  • Underworld Appendix: Swoops, Spice, and Wretched Rogues by Abel G. Peña and Ryan Kaufman
    Continuing the Empire's rundown on the worst non-Rebel scum in the galaxy.
  • Over My Dead Body—Solo's Cover Story by Pete Vilmur
    Tim Bradstreet talks about his Solo cover.
  • So You Want To Be A Criminal? An Underworld Primer by Pablo Hidalgo
    A summary of the more common underworld archetypes encountered in Star Wars.
  • The Dark Side of the Death Star: More Synchronicity by Bonnie Burton
    Imagine if John Williams' epic score was replaced with your favorite records.
  • One Click Away
    Online links that further expand some of the content covered in this issue.

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