Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Original Video Game Soundtrack) was jointly composed by Stephen Barton and Gordy Haab for the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The official soundtrack was released digitally on August 21, 2020, by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd. and Disney.[1]

Recorded with a world-renowned orchestra at Abbey Road Studios, the soundtrack selection is critically acclaimed,[1] and includes 44 pieces that amount to 3 hours and 12 minutes of musical score.[3] Incorporating established Star Wars themes with new melodies such as Cal Kestis's theme and the Second Sister's motif, the score of Jedi: Fallen Order contains both planetary tracks that compliment environmental storytelling and pieces that accompany Cal Kestis' journey in the game.[1] In addition to the soundtrack scored by Barton and Haab, Jedi: Fallen Order features "Sugaan Essena," a song by The Hu.[4]

Track listing[]

The tracks are listed by the order of the original soundtrack.

Total Time: 3 hours 12 minutes

Track Length
"Cal Kestis" 5:34
"Jedi Starfighter" 2:33
"An Unscheduled Stop" 2:25
"The Inquisition" 2:46
"Fight and Flight" 8:19
"Bogano" 5:54
"BD-1 and the Boglings" 3:34
"Oggdo Bogdo" 5:52
"The Path of the Three Sages" 2:49
"To Dathomir" 4:44
"Nightsister" 3:56
"The Wanderer" 4:54
"Kashyyyk" 5:28
"AT-AT Hijacked" 3:53
"The Mantis Lands" 2:31
"Saw's Plan" 3:26
"Infiltration" 3:15
"Flore and Fauna" 4:01
"Wookiee Liberation" 3:01
"Saw's Speech" 1:20
"Zeffo" 3:34
"Project Auger" 3:45
"Trilla" 1:58
"Crashed Venator" 1:55
"Exploring Ancient Tombs" 6:00
"The Origin Tree" 4:20
"Chieftain Tarfful" 2:45
"Flight of the Shyyyo Bird" 11:57
"The Ninth Sister" 6:19
"Tomb of Kujet" 3:15
"Gorgara, The Chyrodactyl" 11:39
"Memories of Days Past" 4:05
"Broken Saber" 6:06
"Ilum" 2:53
"Failure Is Not the End" 5:29
"A New Saber" 2:08
"Confronting the Past" 4:15
"Peacekeepers" 2:11
"Taron Malicos" 5:47
"Merrin" 3:12
"Opening the Vault" 3:56
"Fortress Inquisitorius" 6:37
"The Will of the Force" 5:11
"Eno Cordova's Theme" 2:45


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