"Welcome to Issue #1. Turn the page to find out more about Luke Skywalker on Tatooine."
―C-3PO, Star Wars Kids 1 introduction[src]

Star Wars Kids 1 is the premiere issue of Star Wars Kids magazine. It was published by Scholastic and released in September 1997. Issue 1 included part one of the serial comic The Rebel Thief, written by Ryder Windham.

Star Wars Kids 1 was available exclusively to subscribers of Scholastic's Star Wars Missions young-reader series and roleplaying game, which arrived as monthly continuity packages via direct mail. Each package included a new Star Wars Kids magazine issue and the latest Star Wars Missions adventure book. Star Wars Kids 1 came packaged with the Star Wars Missions starter kit, which also included the game's first adventure book, Assault on Yavin Four.



Notes and references[]

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  2. Star Wars Kids 1 was released as part of the Star Wars Missions starter kit package, which also included the adventure book Star Wars Missions 1: Assault on Yavin Four. The StarWars.com Cargo Bay listed a release date of September 1, 1997 for Assault on Yavin Four. Both Assault on Yavin Four and the starter kit's Star Wars Missions Mission Guide additionally denote September 1997 release dates.
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