"Solve my puzzle and learn about the Wookiee known as Chewbacca."
―Yoda, Star Wars Kids 2 introduction[src]

Star Wars Kids 2 is the second issue of Star Wars Kids magazine. It was published by Scholastic and released in October 1997. Issue 2 included part two of the serial comic The Rebel Thief, written by Ryder Windham.

Star Wars Kids 2 was available exclusively to subscribers of Scholastic's Star Wars Missions young-reader series and roleplaying game, which arrived as monthly continuity packages via direct mail. Each package included a new Star Wars Kids magazine issue and the latest Star Wars Missions adventure book. Star Wars Kids 2 came packaged with the game's second adventure book, Escape from Thyferra.



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  2. Star Wars Kids 2 was released packaged with Star Wars Missions 2: Escape from Thyferra, for which the Cargo Bay listed a release date of October 1, 1997. Escape from Thyferra additionally denotes an October 1997 release date.
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