Star Wars Kids 8 is the eighth issue Star Wars Kids magazine. It was published by Scholastic and released in April 1998. Issue 8 included part three of the serial comic X-Wing Marks the Spot, written by Mike W. Barr.

Star Wars Kids 8 was available exclusively to subscribers of Scholastic's Star Wars Missions young-reader series and roleplaying game, which arrived as monthly continuity packages via direct mail. Each package included a new Star Wars Kids magazine issue and the latest Star Wars Missions adventure book. Star Wars Kids 8 came packaged with the game's eighth adventure book, Togorian Trap.



Anthony Daniels is the galaxy's favorite golden droid.
Where On Earth Is A Place Like Yavin 4?
  • "Who Does That?"
The Real Life Jobs of Movie Making
NEBULAE: See Where Stars are Born


  • "A-maze-ing Universe"
  • "Star Wars Missions Bonus Page"
  • "Brain Blasters"
...For the ultimate Star Wars fan.
  • "Yoda's Puzzle Pages"

Notes and references[]

  1. Star Wars Kids 8
  2. Star Wars Kids 8 was released packaged with Star Wars Missions 8: Togorian Trap, for which the StarWars.com Cargo Bay listed a release date of April 1, 1998. Togorian Trap additionally denotes an April 1998 release date.
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