Star Wars Legends Epic Collection: Legacy Vol. 2 is an Epic Collection trade paperback that collects issues of Marvel Comics' initial line of Star Wars comics. The Epic Collection edition is published on January 30, 2018.

Publisher's summary[]

Feel the full fury of the Sith! Continue to explore the legacy of Star Wars, a century in the future! With the Sith Empire and the Galactic Alliance locked in war, Admiral Gar Stazi steers his flagship the Indomitable into all-out space combat! Emperor Krayt sets out to teach the galaxy a lesson in obedience! And bounty hunter Cade Skywalker and his ragtag group settle scores! But when Cade heads to a Hidden Temple, will he find Jedi for a New Age? Master of magic Darth Wyyrlok undertakes his own crucial mission, the Mon Calamari face extinction, and Rogue Squadron encounters Mandalorian mayhem. But when the era-spanning Celeste Morne arrives in the future, will she be the secret weapon that will help Cade take down Emperor Krayt once and for all?

COLLECTING: STAR WARS: LEGACY (2006) 20-36, 41, 0-1/2

Opening crawl[]

VOL. 2
More than 130 years after its defeat, the resurgent Empire
- manipulated by the Sith - has reclaimed control of the
galaxy, ending the Galactic Alliance and scattering the Jedi

For the past sever years, former Jedi Padawan Cade
Skywalker has been in hiding as a bounty hunter, alongside
his companions Deliah Blue and Jariah Syn. Cade has
finally decided to stop running from his past, reuniting with
the Jedi and working to complete his training - and accept
his legacy. Meanwhile, former Emperor Roan Fel has
assembled loyalist fighters to reclaim his throne. He now
operates from Bastion, the galaxy's most heavily fortified
military base.

After secretly imprisoning Cade in the Sith Temple on
Coruscant, Darth Maladi has ordered Imperial Moff Nyna
Calixte to call off the search for Skywalker. However,
"Nyna" is secretly Morrigan Corde, Cade's mother - and
while Sith Emperor Darth Krayt schemed to turn Cade to
the dark side of the Force, Corde has engineered Cade's

Elsewhere, Admiral Gar Stazi and his small fleet of
surviving Alliance renegades carry out hit-and-run attacks
on the galaxy's oppressors. An attempt at allying with Fel's
Imperial troops has ended in sabotage and disaster - and
unless Stazi can bolster his forces, they will soon be
fighting for little more than survival....

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