"Welcome, Padawans, bounty hunters and Sith Lords, to the very first issue of your all-new STAR WARS MAGAZINE! Whether you're a Phantom Menace fanatic, a Clone Wars convert or A New Hope aficionado, Star Wars is the magazine for you! But don't worry – Ahsoka, Rex, Cad Bane and the gang haven't gone anywhere: here at Star Wars Mag, we'll still be hanging out with your favorite Clone Wars characters, alongside heroes and villains from all six awesome movies! What's not to love?!"
―Introduction, Star Wars Magazine 1[src]

Star Wars Magazine was a children's publication produced by Titan Magazines that ran for three issues, from April 15 to October 21, 2014. The magazine was a continuation and the second volume of Star Wars: The Clone Wars Magazine and also reprinted material from Titan's Star Wars Comic UK.

Following the third issue's publication, Titan announced on its website that Star Wars Magazine had gone on hiatus due to unforeseen circumstances, while expressing hope for its continuation. To date, Titan has published no further issues of Star Wars Magazine.

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