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SW Miniatures logo

Star Wars Miniatures logo

Star Wars Miniatures is a fast-paced RPG-style game by Wizards of the Coast featuring miniature 34mm scale models of characters and vehicles from across the Star Wars saga.[1] It was published between 2004 and 2010. The underside of each model's base contains information on the set, rarity, and the model's unique number in the set.


Star Wars Miniatures pits two or more squads against each other in a quick and heated death-match scenario. Players will agree on a point total (100, 150 and 200 being the official standards) and create a squad that does not exceed the chosen point total for one of the following formats:

  • Free-for-all: Each player makes a single faction(and Fringe) squad for the battle. Factions may battle factions of different eras or even the same faction. This is the format used for sanctioned tournaments.
  • Era Play: Players will choose an era then choose one player to be a light side faction and one to be a dark side faction from that era. Fringe characters may mix with either player's squad.
  • Light Side vs. Dark Side: Players make a multi-faction squad with one player representing the light side (Old Republic, Republic, Rebel Alliance, New Republic) and the other representing the dark side (Sith, Separatists, Empire, Mandalorians, Yuuzhan Vong). Fringe may belong to either side.
  • No Faction: Players make a squad using any combination of characters.
  • Sealed: Players will open a predetermined amount of Starters and Boosters and make a No Faction squad with the miniatures contained inside.

The AT-RT miniature from the Revenge of the Sith expansion

Once all players' squads are ready, the units are deployed on to a gridded map--typically on opposite sides. The map can be customized with terrain tiles that come with some sets and books. The units are "activated" two at a time during each "phase" of play. Players can choose to move a unit six grid spaces and attack (in either order), or move twelve grid spaces but not attack. In order to attack, players roll a twenty-sided dice (known as a d20) and add on their unit's attack bonus. If the combined total is greater than or equal to the defending unit's defense, the attack hits its mark and damage is dealt. The player/team that completely defeats all of their opponents, score enough victory points, or forces their opponents to forfeit, is declared the victor.

In the game, the vast majority of characters have Special Abilities, which give unique gameplay options to the player in addition to both offensive and defensive resources. Special Abilities come in all different levels of effectiveness, some being game-breaking (or even game-ending) while others are rarely utilized at all.


A Star Wars Miniatures stat card.

Also, Force-sensitive characters (Jedi, Sith, etc.) can have Force Powers. These powers are drawn on from the Force (represented in the game by spending Force points) and are usually more powerful than Special Abilities. However, like Special Abilities, some Force Powers are much more effective than others. These statistics and abilities are recorded on the unit's corresponding stat card. The card details a unit's faction, hit points (HP), defense, attack, special abilities, force powers, and other advanced information. The other side features a reference sketch used in the creation of the model.

Miniatures sets[]

Sixteen sets of miniatures have been released. Each of the first ten sets contains sixty figures of varying rarity. Later sets, beginning with Clone Wars, contain forty figures:

Apart from the standard sets, several non-random themed packs have been released:

  • Galaxy Tiles: Released in January 2008, it contains tiles for use with the RPG Game.
  • AT-AT Imperial Walker Colossal Pack: Packaged with an AT-AT, a special scenario/rulebook, and Hoth maps.
  • Attack on Endor: A reposed AT-ST with several assorted Imperial troopers, a special scenario/rulebook, and several maps including Endor.
  • Hoth Battle Pack: This set includes two exclusive figures (General Veers Hologram and Blizzard One AT-ST) with some reprints of several characters. The set also includes a rulebook and a new Hoth Map.
  • Clone Wars Battles: This set consists of ten miniatures (including five exclusive figures), 2-sided map sheet and rules booklet.
  • Map Packs: Each pack contains two nonrandom figures (Including one exclusive) released with a two sided map. Based on the Clone Wars 2003 and 2008 series. Three Map packs were released throughout 2009: The Attack on Teth, Showdown at Teth Palace, and The Crystal Caves of Ilum. These featured unique versions of Anakin Skywalker, Asajj Ventress, and Luminara Unduli, respectively.

Virtual sets[]

The community of players has continued to release "virtual" sets. These sets consist of new cards/statistics that can be used with the existing miniatures from WotC. These community-developed cards can be used in tournaments sponsored by the player community. (As of June, 2011, the most active online communities for Star Wars Miniatures players are at www.bloomilk.com and www.swmgamers.com. Information about tournaments and the virtual sets can be found there.) Here are the virtual sets:

  • Destiny of the Force: Released December 2010. This is the first "V-set" of Star Wars Miniatures, created by a committee formed from the Star Wars Miniatures player community.
  • Renegades and Rogues: Released August 2011. In competitive play, several factions were considered "weaker" factions. The first two V-sets include more pieces for those weaker factions, with the goal of creating a more level playing field among factions.

Ultimate Missions[]


The canceled book Ultimate Missions: Universe

The Ultimate Missions book series is a supplement for Star Wars Miniatures. One book is released for each expansion (including one that covers all eras) and includes scenarios, gameplay ideas, full maps, and terrain tiles to further expand the game's playability. However, due to poor sales, the Ultimate Missions series was discontinued shortly after the Revenge of the Sith set came out. Many online scenarios also utilize the maps and tiles found in these books. The three books are Ultimate Missions: Clone Strike, Ultimate Missions: Rebel Storm, and Ultimate Missions: Revenge of the Sith.

Starship Battles[]

In 2006, Wizards of the Coast released a "space battle" version of Star Wars Miniatures. It is not backward-compatible with Star Wars Miniatures.


Notes and references[]

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