Star Wars Miniatures Battles is a tabletop miniature wargame system produced by West End Games in 1991 and republished in a 2nd edition version in 1993. The first edition was winner of the Origins International Game Expo award for Best New Miniatures Rules of 1991. West End Games lost the license to produce any more "Star Wars" games in 1999, and the license was subsequently picked up by Wizards of the Coast the following year. The Star Wars Miniatures Battles should not be confused with WOTC's Star Wars Miniatures.

The Star Wars Miniatures Battles core rulebook was written by Stephen Crane and Paul Murphy, and published by West End Games in January 1991. The rules included are for playing battles using the metal miniatures produced by West End Games. The stats included in the book can be easily converted to use with Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game

The Star Wars Miniatures Battles Companion, published in 1994, was the first supplement and added vehicle rules and flight rules to the game. It also included errata and rules revisions, as well as new and optional rules, new equipment, a section detailing unit insignia and organization, and a collection of game scenarios.

The Imperial Entanglements book, published in 1996, was primarily a scenario supplement, but also contained updated errata and new squad stats.

Both the core rulebook and companion were repackaged in two boxed sets along with some miniatures, The Star Wars Miniatures Battles Starter Set and Star Wars Vehicles Starter Set respectively. A third set, the Mos Eisley Adventure Set which was targeted primarily to the RPG aspect, included not only some miniatures and maps, but a small supplement with a Miniatures Battles scenario. Also, the short run series of the Star Wars Adventure Journal had a few articles pertaining to the miniatures rules.

Star Wars Miniatures Battles RulebooksEdit

Star Wars Miniatures Battles FiguresEdit

Boxed Figure SetsEdit

  • Heroes of the Rebellion - Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Obi Wan Kenobi, R2-D2, C-3PO, X-wing Pilot, Rebel Soldier (Capt. Antilles of Leia's ship Tantive IV), Rebel Soldier
  • Imperial Forces - Darth Vader (lightsaber up), Moff Tarkin, 3x Stormtroopers (1 w/ long rifle), TIE Fighter Pilot, Imperial Droid (from Death Star), Death Star Gunner, Death Star Officer (Navy officer w/ cap), Death Star Trooper (Navy trooper)
  • Bounty Hunters - Boba Fett, IG-88, Shrike (Gand), Dengar, Zardra, Bossk (Trandoshan), Weequay (aka Barada the Klatooinian), Boushh (Leia's disguise in Jabba's palace), Rebel Merc (female Rebel commando), Rebel Scout (actually based on early design sketches for the Imperial biker scouts)
  • A New Hope Movie Set - Leia w/ Blaster, Luke on Tatooine, Vader on Death Star (lightsaber down), Tusken Raider, Jawa, Ithorian (Hammerhead), R5-D4 (R2 unit), Greedo (Rodian), Tatooine Stormtrooper (aka 'sandtrooper'), Power Droid (Gonk)
  • The Empire Strikes Back Movie Set - Luke on Dagobah (lightsaber down), Leia on Bespin, Lando Calrissian, Han on Hoth, Yoda, Hoth Rebel, Snowtrooper, General Veers, Lobot, Probe Droid
  • Return of the Jedi Movie Set - Luke as Jedi (lightsaber up), Leia on Endor, Scout Trooper, Gamorrean Guard (axe down), Wicket (Ewok), Nien Nunb (Sullustan), 2x Royal Guards, The Emperor, Admiral Ackbar
  • Stormtroopers - 9 Stormtroopers w/ short rifles, 1 Stormtrooper w/ longer rifle
  • Rebel Characters - Old Senatorial, Alien Student of the Force (Revwien), Female Minor Jedi, Wookiee (in tunic w/ rifle), Ewok, Mon Calamari, Engineer, Male Minor Jedi, Female Gambler, Kid
  • Mos Eisley Cantina Aliens Set - Sivrak (Shistavanen Wolfman), Kabe (Chadra-Fan), Muftak (Talz), Kerru (Gotal), Hem Dazon (Arcona), Labria (Devaronian), Garindan (Kubaz), Figrin Da'n (Bith bandleader) with kloo horn, Bith musician with stringed instrument, bartender (Wuher)
  • Jabba's Palace - Jabba the Hutt, Quarren, Bib Fortuna (Twi'lek), Oola (Twi'lek dancing girl), Gamorrean guard, Lando in Jabba's palace armor, Gluss'sa'Nikto ("Pale Nikto"), Ephant Mon (Chevin)
  • The Rancor Pit - Rancor Keeper, Rancor (five-part model)
  • Rebel Troopers - 5x Rebel commandos (4 with pistols, 1 with repeating blaster) and 5x Rebel fleet troopers (3 with pistols, 1 with carbine, 1 with rifle)
  • Imperial Troopers - 4x Imperial Navy Troopers (2 w/ pistols, 1 w/ rifle, 1 holding heavy blaster controls), 1 tripod mounted repeating blaster (2 piece model), 4x Imperial Army troopers (1 w/ pistol, 1 w/ short rifle, 2 w/ long rifles)
  • Zero-G Assault Troopers - 8x Spacetroopers (3 standing bodies with grenade launcher disks extended, 1 running body with disks extended, 3 standing bodies with disks retracted, 1 running body with disks retracted, 4 sprues of 4 arms)

Blister PacksEdit

  • Aliens of the Galaxy 1 - Ithorian (Hammerhead), Nien Nunb (Sullustan), Alien Student of Force (Revwien)
  • Aliens of the Galaxy 2 - Quarren, Kerru (Gotal), Hem Dazon (Arcona)
  • Aliens of the Galaxy 3 - Sivrak (Shistavanen Wolfman), Kabe (Chadra-Fan), Muftak (Talz)
  • Bounty Hunters 1 - Boba Fett, IG-88, Shrike (Gand Findsman)
  • Bounty Hunters 2 - Dengar, Zardra with force pike, Bossk (Trandoshan)
  • Bounty Hunters 3 - Barada (Klatooinian), Boushh (Leia's disguise in Jabba's palace), Greedo (Rodian)
  • Cloud City - Leia on Bespin, Lando Calrissian drawing blaster pistol, Lobot
  • DarkStryder 1 - Capt. Kaiya Adrimetrum, Brophar Tofarain, Gorak Khzam (Rodian)
  • DarkStryder 2 - Lt. Ranna Gorjaye, Lt. Darryn Thyte(cyborg arm), Lt. Jessa Dajus
  • Darkstryder 3 - Lofryyhn (Wookiee), Kl'aal (Defel), Loh'khar (Twi'lek)
  • Denizens of Tatooine - Luke on Tatooine, Tusken Raider with upraised gaffe stick, Jawa
  • Droids 1 - Imperial Droid (from Death Star), R5-D4, Power Droid
  • The Emperor - The Emperor, Royal Guard with force pike in right hand, Royal Guard with force pike in left hand
  • Encounter on Hoth - Han in snowsuit, Chewbacca with bowcaster, Probe droid
  • Ewoks - 2x Wicket with spear, Ewok with club and headdress
  • Gamorrean Guards - Gamorrean guard with axe held to side, 2 Gamorrean guards with upraised axes
  • Heavy Blaster w/ Imp. Crew - Heavy blaster on tripod (2 pieces), 2x Naval trooper holding firing mechanism
  • Heir to the Empire Villains - Grand Admiral Thrawn, Captain Pellaeon, Joruus C'baoth
  • Heroes 1 - Luke on first Death Star, R2-D2, C-3PO
  • Heroes 2 - Princess Leia, Han Solo with blaster, Chewbacca with bowcaster
  • Hoth Rebels - 3x Hoth Rebel
  • Imperial Army Troopers 1 - 2x Army trooper advancing and firing blaster pistol, Army trooper advancing with blaster rifle
  • Imperial Army Troopers 2 - Army trooper on guard with blaster pistol, 2x Army trooper shoulder-firing blaster rifle
  • Imperial Naval Troopers 1 - Naval trooper firing blaster pistol two-handed, 2x Naval trooper advancing and firing blaster pistol
  • Imperial Naval Troopers 2 - Naval trooper advancing with blaster pistol, 2x Naval trooper advancing with blaster rifle
  • Imperial Officers - Moff Tarkin, Death Star Officer pointing, General Veers in battle armor
  • Jabba's Servants - Bib Fortuna (Twi'lek), Oola (Twi'lek dancing girl), Rancor keeper
  • Jabba the Hutt - Jabba
  • Jedi Knights - Female Minor Jedi, Male Minor Jedi, Yoda
  • Mon Calamari - Admiral Ackbar, 2x Mon Calamari with helmet and blaster pistol
  • Mos Eisley - Labria (Devaronian), Garindan (Long Snoot/Kubaz), Kid
  • Mos Eisley Cantina - Figrin Da'n (Bith bandleader) with kloo horn, Bith musician with stringed instrument, Wuhr (bartender)
  • Mos Eisley Cantina 2 - Ponda Baba (Aqualish), Dr. Evazan, Abyssin
  • The Noghri - Noghri with stokhli stick, 2x Noghri with dagger and stokhli stick
  • Pilots and Gunners - X-wing pilot running, TIE fighter pilot with blaster pistol, Death Star gunner with blaster pistol
  • Pirates - Nikto, Whiphid, Lando in Jabba's palace armor
  • Rebel Commandos 1 - Male commando firing medium repeat blaster, Male commando with poncho and upraised blaster pistol
  • Rebel Commandos 2 - Male commando shoulder-firing blaster pistol, Male commando with poncho, upraised blaster pistol and macrobinoculars, Female commando firing outstretched blaster pistol
  • Rebel Operatives - Old Senatorial, Engineer, Female Gambler
  • Rebel Troopers 1 - Female trooper firing blaster pistol, Male trooper holding up blaster rifle, Male trooper holding up blaster pistol
  • Rebel Troopers 2 - 2x male trooper running with blaster pistol held up, Female trooper advancing with blaster held low
  • Rebel Troopers 3 - Male trooper standing at ready, 2x male trooper firing blaster pistol two-handed
  • Rebel Troopers 4 - Female commando running with blaster pistol, Rebel scout with armor and macrobinoculars, Leia on Endor
  • Sandtroopers - 3x Tatooine Stormtrooper
  • Scout Troopers - 3x Scout trooper firing blaster pistol
  • Skywalkers - Luke on Dagobah with lightsaber down, Leia on Death Star with blaster, Darth Vader on Cloud City with lightsaber down
  • Snowtroopers - 3x Snowtrooper
  • Stormtroopers 1 - Stormtrooper with blaster pistol, Stormtrooper with blaster rifle, Stormtrooper advancing with blaster pistol
  • Stormtroopers 2 - Stormtrooper walking with blaster pistol down, Stormtrooper hip-firing blaster pistol, Stormtrooper shoulder-firing blaster rifle
  • Stormtroopers 3 - Stormtrooper on guard with blaster pistol, Stormtrooper at ready with blaster pistol, Stormtrooper shoulder-firing blaster pistol
  • Stormtroopers 4 - Stormtrooper firing outstretched blaster pistol, Stormtrooper walking with blaster pistol up, Stormtrooper kneeling firing blaster pistol
  • Users of the Force - Obi-Wan Kenobi with lightsaber up, Darth Vader with lightsaber up, Luke as Jedi with lightsaber up
  • Wookiees - Chewbacca with bowcaster, 2x Wookiee with tunic and blaster rifle
  • Zero-G Assault Troopers - 2x Spacetrooper bodies, 4x right arms, 4x left arms


  • Landspeeder - Luke's landspeeder, Hood-mounted blaster cannon, Luke driving, Rebel driver, Imperial Army trooper driver
  • Imperial Speeder Bikes - 2x speeder bike, 2x scout trooper rider
  • Rebel Speeder Bikes - 2x speeder bike, 2x Rebel trooper riders
  • Snowspeeder - Rebel Snowspeeder
  • Storm Skimmer - from Dark Empire Sourcebook, 2x Stormtrooper rider with blaster cannon
  • AT-PT - small walker from Dark Force Rising
  • Bantha with Rider - Bantha, Tusken Raider rider with gaffe stick
  • Tauntaun with Rider - Tauntaun with Hoth Rebel Soldier

Boxed SetsEdit

  • Star Wars Miniatures Battles Starter Set - contains the core rulebook, 3 Rebel Troopers, 3 Stormtroopers, Luke on Dagobah with lightsaber down, Leia on Death Star with blaster, Darth Vader on Cloud City with lightsaber down, Dengar, Zardra with force pike, Bossk (Trandoshan)
  • Star Wars Miniatures Battles Vehicle Starter Set - contains the SWMB companion, 2 Speeder Bikes, Imperial Rider, Rebel Rider, and Snowspeeder
  • Mos Eisley Adventure Set - while geared more toward the Star Wars RPG, the set contained a Han Solo, Chewbacca, Greedo(Rodian), Jawa, Imperial Sandtrooper, Labria (Devronian), Garindan (Long Snoot), Lak Sivrak (Shistavanen Wolfman), Momaw Nadon (Ithorian), Kabe (Chadra-Fan), Muftak(Talz), and Feltipern Trevagg (Gotal), as well as Galaxy Guide 7: Mos Eisley, and a supplement with some adventures and paper miniatures.


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