Star Wars Missions 14: The Monsters of Dweem is the fourteenth adventure book in the Star Wars Missions young-reader series and roleplaying game. It was published by Scholastic on October 1, 1998.

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The monsters of Dweem do not take any prisoners. They are the color of ice, and can appear at any moment with their jagged teeth bared. You are an Imperial soldier who has traveled to Dweem in search of Han Solo and his Rebel friends. You will be lucky to get off the planet alive. Your mission: to trap the Rebels before the monsters of Dweem trap you.

Good luck.

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The Millennium Falcon, set on a course for Dweem, is diverted, thanks to the machinations of B-1D4. The Captain, Han Solo, is outraged and powers Wondeefor down, much to the angst of C-3PO and R2-D2. Meanwhile, on the Zaker Besar, Grand Moff 4-8C searches for the Falcon. Instead, his crew find the remains of the M'hendosat and a life pod carrying the former Captain, Kassihm.

Burra Stone, Imperial interrogator, is abruptly awoken from his sleep on the Zaker Besar, and summoned into 4-8C's presence. Meanwhile, Kassihm's pod is captured by the Imperials. Stone interrogates Kassihm, and determines that Solo was headed for Dweem. Kassihm is also able to convince Stone and 4-8C that he is more valuable alive, and that he would be willing to join the hunt for the Corellian.

One of the Imperials, in an AT-ST, leads a team through the Dweem wilderness. Encountering an ancient auto cannon, the Imperials begin to wonder whether there really is a Rebel base on the planet. Venturing into a cave, the Imperials are set upon by Dweemons, large spydr-like creatures. Though they are able to fend off the monsters, they then encounter an avalanche. Venturing further and further into the cave, and encountering more Dweemons, the Imperial is forced to abandon the AT-ST, and traverse on foot. Eventually, the Imperial encounters an Iron Knight, but is able to defeat it. Realizing that the base is in fact an ancient Republic installment, they begin to make their escape, but encounter more knights. The Knights provide riddles, but the Imperial is able to solve them, and meet back up with the group.

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