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Star Wars Missions 15: Voyage to the Underworld is the fifteenth adventure book in the Star Wars Missions young-reader series and roleplaying game. It was published by Scholastic on November 1, 1998.

Publisher's summary[]

Imperial stormtroopers are on your trail—and there's only one place for you to hide. Coruscant's underworld is a bizarre maze of danger and fear. But in order to survive, you must find the strange wise man at its center. Your Mission: to travel to the heart of the underworld and escape your pursuers.

May the Force be with you.


The Millennium Falcon, blasting through hyperspace, is on a course set for Coruscant, a fact unknown to the passengers. Onboard, Luke Skywalker shuts down his droids, C-3PO and R2-D2, as they have been infected by "The Heart of Steel", B-1D4. Upon reaching Coruscant, the Rebels are shocked, but Captain Han Solo acts quickly, activating a false transponder, allowing the Falcon to land. He tells his friends about Phelon, a Columi genius who resides in a fortress deep in the Coruscant underworld.

The Rebels are able to blast their way out of customs, and into the Coruscant underworld. After braving many dangers, one of the Rebels contacts Phelon, who is able to get them offworld.

On Cheeyoom Matee, the Rebels hope to find some solitude, but find themselves betrayed by the other Rebels there, and are sold to the Empire.


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Behind the scenes[]

The book contains numerous errors involving the history of the Empire; on page 9, the Empire is described as building on Coruscant's Underworld for "hundreds of thousands of years", and on page 46, Han Solo wonders how the savage inhabitants of the Underworld could have ever heard of Wookiees, as the Empire "had only recently discovered them".

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