Star Wars Missions 20: Total Destruction is the twentieth and final adventure book in the Star Wars Missions young-reader series and roleplaying game. It was published by Scholastic on April 1, 1999.


You are a Rebel. On a distant planet in the Unknown Regions, the Empire is setting up a device that will allow them to control all hyperspace travel. If they succeed, the Rebellion will be crushed – and the Empire will dominate the galaxy forevermore. You are the Rebellion's only hope. Your mission: to destroy the Imperial device – and thwart Darth Vader's sinister plans.

May the Force be with you.


Learning that the Stellar Manx has been taken by Imperial forces, Han Solo hijacks a Corporate Sector Authority Marauder-class corvette, and pursues it. Meanwhile, in the hold of the Manx, Chewbacca, Q-7N and R2-D2 are holed up in the Millennium Falcon.

Upon reaching Malagarr, Frap Radicon explains to Tix and Mordak the concept of a gravity well projector. Concerned that Radicon is insane, the two Imperials decide to defect, and resolve to steal the Falcon. The encounter Q-7N, who warns them not to upset Chewbacca. The Wookiee, along with the turncoat Imperials, escape the planet, and meet with Solo's Marauder. Solo questions the Imperials, and is convinced they can be of service.

Two of the Rebels pilot IRD-As down to the planet, evading Imperial space mines. Q-7N stows away on Scout One's craft, which subsequently makes a crash landing. Scout Two also crashes, but Scout One is able to save them. Scout One then proceeds to disable the gravity well projector, and escapes. Q-7N then explains that Malagarr is highly dangerous to organic beings, and that the planet must be destroyed. With only Q-7N having the ability to destroy the planet, Scout One and Scout Two quickly flee the planet in the Manx, while the small black droid destroys Malagarr.


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