Star Wars Missions 6: The Search for Grubba the Hutt is the sixth adventure book in the Star Wars Missions young-reader series and roleplaying game. It was published by Scholastic on February 1, 1998.

Publisher's summary[]

Grubba the Hutt is missing…and Jabba the Hutt is angry. If Han Solo wants to live, he and his friends will have to find the young Hutt and bring him back to Jabba's palaceimmediately. The bounty hunters who have taken Grubba will not give him up easily. Your mission: to track down Grubba and keep Jabba happy…or else.

May the Force be with you.


In Mos Eisley, Han Solo interrogates a Kubaz as to the location of Grubba, the nephew of Jabba the Hutt. The Kubaz squeals, and reveals where Udin, his hive-mate, took Grubba: Kubindi. Han, satisfied, releases the Kubaz, but is soon set upon by the town militia, and is forced to flee.

Meanwhile, Udin and Grubba, along with Dengar and Eron Stonefield, reach Kubindi in the Punishing One. They safely wait in the Silver Forest of Dreams for Solo to arrive. He does, and lands outside the forest, deciding to advance through using landspeeders. Solo hires a local guide, Bizzin Uz, to help them through the Silver Forest. One of the rebels is paired with C-3PO, whose sensors prove to be invaluable. Bizzin Uz leads the group, warning them that if they see any other Kubaz, it's likely police or poachers. The Rebel encounters a giant water monster of unknown species, and is forced to evade it, but wanders into an entire nest of them. Eventually, the Rebel is so beset by creatures, that their companions leave them behind. The Rebel is captured by a Giant mantys, leaving Threepio alone and stranded in the Forest. Taking it to its treetop nest, the mantys fights the Rebel, who is able to defeat the giant creature. The Rebel then rappels down the tree, hoping to find Threepio waiting. Upon reaching the forest floor, the droid is not to be seen, so the Rebel ventures into a cave.

After an hour of exploration, the Rebel encounters a Giant termyte, which it defeats. Spending the night in the cave, the Rebel is woken by Threepio, who had apparently sought shelter in their absence. Resuming their earlier journey, the Rebel encounters Uz, who has been fatally bitten by a spydr. Uz tells the Rebel that his companions have been captured and taken to the Zabin Hive. Just as Uz succumbs to his injuries, a squad of Kubaz enforcers from Zabin Hive arrive, inspecting Uz' corpse. The Rebel hides until most of the enforcers leave, and then defeats the remainder with Threepio's help. Upon reaching the Zabin Hive, Threepio and the Rebel are able to bluff their way to the detention facility, where they are beset by security droids and taken to see Queen Zabin. The Queen agrees to turn over the Rebel's captured comrades, supply the Rebellion with spydr meat, and turn over the captured Grubba, but only if the Rebel can cook a fine dish with spydr meat. The Rebel is able to do so, but unfortunately for them, Grubba was taken away while they were in the kitchen.

Despite this, the bounty hunters leave a message on the Millennium Falcon, goading the Rebels to follow them and attempt to reclaim Grubba on the Tafanda Bay, over Ithor.

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