Star Wars Missions 9: Revolt of the Battle Droids is the ninth adventure book in the Star Wars Missions young-reader series and roleplaying game. It was published by Scholastic on May 1, 1998.


You are an Imperial soldier. A revolt has begun on Boonda the Hutt's moon. The leader of the revolution is the devious droid Wuntoo Force Forwun. His army is made up of hundreds of droids... and they are all prepared to kill on sight. Your mission: to stop the battle droids before they take on the Empire.

Good luck.


The Victory I-class Star Destroyer Decimator enters the Kleeva system, awaiting the delivery of a new shipment of droids from Boonda the Hutt. Boonda, however, wakes up to find his droids attempting to kill him. The corpulent Hutt, panicked, escapes his would be murderers using secret escape routes. The droids, led by 12-4C-41, prepare to lead an assault on the Decimator, which they plan to capture and take to Vactooine, where they hope to take over droid production.

In the Decimator's loading bay, the droids are inspected by Captain Pelvin and Trooper 1219, but upon unloading, Wuntoo attacks the Imperials, and his droid lackeys start a fire on the deck. Admiral Groot believes this to be a machination of Boonda, and orders an attack on the Hutt's facility. He, along with Pelvin and Gammat Squad, are able to escape the Decimator, which is quickly overrun by the renegade droids. They are attacked by droid-piloted TIEs while approaching Boonda's Moon, and the Admiral is injured. Upon landing, the group is attacked by Boonda, but one of the troopers convinces him that they mean no harm. When Boonda discovers that the Imperials are not the ones who have caused the droids to revolt, he realizes that he needs to prove his innocence, and helps the trooper destroy his own factory.

Before leaving, the Decimator picks up what's left of the factory. Though Boonda believes that there is nothing of worth within, Wuntoo has a cadre of specially designed battle droids that he had been keeping in reserve. Storing them aboard the Decimator, Wuntoo sets course for Tatooine.


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