Clone Wars Volume 3: The Republic Falls is an Star Wars Omnibus collection from Dark Horse Comics that reprints issues 69-77, and 81-83 of Star Wars: Republic, along with the five issue Star Wars: Obsession miniseries, and the Free Comic Book Day tales Star Wars—Free Comic Book Day 2005 Special and Routine Valor. It was published on December 19, 2012. It completes the trio of Omnibus collections chronicling the Clone Wars.

Publisher's Summary[]

Well played, Darth Sidious. Well played. The end of the Clone Wars is in sight, but so are the end of the Jedi and the fall of the Republic!

Obi-Wan Kenobi recruits Anakin Skywalker in a desperate hunt for dark Jedi Asajj Ventress that will lead to a showdown with General Grievous and Count Dooku. Elsewhere, Jedi Generals infiltrate a Separatist base in hopes of concluding a protracted siege, and on Kashyyyk, as the clone troopers respond to Order 66, Master Quinlan Vos finds himself fighting against the army he led to victory. Collects Star Wars: Republic #70–#77 and #81–#83, Star Wars: Obsession #1–#5, and Free Comic Book Day 2005.

The Republic Falls Clone Wars Omnibus Vol 3 is on sale December 19, 2012. Written by Haden Blackman, Miles Lane & John Ostrander with art by Brian Ching, Jan Duursema, Nicola Scott, & Dan Parsons. This is the lead in to Revenge of the Sith!

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