"A mega-collection of previously uncollected adventures!"
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Star Wars Omnibus: Wild Space Volume 1 is a Star Wars Omnibus-series trade paperback collecting various issues of the Marvel UK Star Wars comics, along with other obscure comic stories released over the years. It was released on June 4, 2013.

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This wild omnibus features rare and previously uncollected stories from UK publications, toy pack-ins, cereal boxes, Star Wars Kids magazine, and even issues that were originally published in 3-D! A treasure trove of unexpected gems for the casual Star Wars fan - and a completist's dream - this volume contains work from some of comics' most famous writers and artists, including Alan Moore, Chris Claremont, Archie Goodwin, Walt Simonson, and Alan Davis, plus stories featuring the greatest heroes and villains of Star Wars! Stories you never knew existed - that you can't live without!



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