Star Wars Q&A or Ask the Master Q&A was a regular column in Star Wars Insider that was originally handled by Pablo Hidalgo, and later by Leland Chee. It featured questions and answers about the Star Wars universe, and was succeeded by the new Ask Lobot department in Star Wars Insider 101, which was spread throughout the Blaster department.


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Star Wars Insider 58 (pages 96-97)[]

  • Is there an official in-universe Star Wars calendar?
  • Why can there only be two Sith?
  • C-3PO, R2-D2, and the various pit and battle droids all act like living, breathing people, but they're machines. Besides the fact that it makes them more interesting, is there a reason they act like this?
  • If Boba Fett is so good, how does a blind guy with a stick kill him by accident?
  • In A New Hope, Han goes up a ladder to fight off TIE fighters while Luke goes down the same ladder. But when they yell back and forth to one another, they are side-by-side! Should't Han be above Luke?
  • If Jabba's species, the Hutts, have neither males nor females, how come Jabba has slave girls? Also how come many, many Star Wars information books declare Jabba as male?
  • How do you turn a lightsaber on? Do you need the Force?
  • Why is the writing on the Death Star in English lettering in A New Hope?
  • Where do droid names come from? Isn't there a limit to the number of different R2-unit names there can be?

Star Wars Insider 58 (pages 126-127)[]

Star Wars Insider 65 (pages 96-97)[]

Star Wars Insider 68 (pages 88-89)[]

Star Wars Insider 71 (pages 88-89)[]

  • Headstones at the Lars homestead
  • Protocol droid identifications
  • Leia & Padmé's transitions from British to American accents
  • Threepio's princess amnesia
  • Obi-Wan's lightsabers
  • Orange lightsabers
  • Widescreen vs. pan & scan
  • Blood from Darth Maul's fatal wound
  • "Jabba, you are a wonderful human being."
  • Replaced cantina aliens in the Special Edition

Star Wars Insider 90 (pages 52-55)[]

Star Wars Insider 91 (pages 34-35)[]

Star Wars Insider 92 (pages 44-45)[]

Star Wars Insider 97 (pages 56-57)[]

  • What happened to Han Solo's reward.
  • The cause of Padmé Amidala's death.
  • "Who was the first Jedi? Who was the first Sith?"
  • Survivors from Bravo Squadron in the Battle of Naboo.
  • Clone age in Revenge of the Sith.
  • R2-G1.
  • "Where can I learn more about the Whills?"
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