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Star Wars Rebels, Vol. 1 is a trade paperback compilation of the Star Wars Rebels webcomic, which adapts events of the first season of the TV series Star Wars Rebels. It features the manga adaptation of the Spark of Rebellion two-part animated television movie and corresponds to the first three chapters of the webcomic. It also includes the partial manga adaptation of the Lords of the Sith novel as an extra, which originally helped Akira Aoki winning the LINE Manga Star Wars Indies Award 2017 contest. This contest was created to choose an artist to adapt both Paul S. Kemp novels, Lords of the Sith and Heir to the Jedi, but eventually it became the Rebels webcomic project.

The manga was first released in Japan on December 13, 2019 by Line Corporation, and an English version was released by Yen Press on November 17, 2020.



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