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Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops was a free online browser game developed by Disney Interactive that uses characters and elements from Star Wars Rebels. The game could be played on Disney.co.uk.

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Official description[]

Play as Hera, Ezra, Sabine, Kanan, Zeb and Chopper as you take on collection, sabotage, liberation and boss missions![1]

Types of missions[]

  • Collection
  • Sabotage
  • Liberation
  • Boss


By type 
Characters Creatures Droid models Events Locations
Organizations and titles Sentient species Vehicles and vessels Weapons and technology Miscellanea


Droid models



Organizations and titles

Sentient species

Vehicles and vessels

Weapons and technology


Notes and references[]

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  2. Star Wars Rebels: Special Ops features Sabine Wren with light purple hair and a jetpack, placing it after the events of "Imperial Supercommandos", where she obtains the jetpack, and before "The Occupation", where her hair is deep purple. Dawn of Rebellion dates the events of Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow seventeen years after the end of the Clone Wars, which Star Wars: Galactic Atlas dates to 19 BBY; therefore, the events of Steps Into Shadow must take place in 2 BBY and "Imperial Supercommandos", which comes after, can be set no earlier than 2 BBY. Because Sabine Wren's hair is deep purple in "The Occupation", Special Ops must take place prior to that episode. The trivia guide for Star Wars Rebels: Heroes of Mandalore states that Bo-Katan Kryze was redesigned to advance the character's age by "18 years or so". As she was last seen was in "The Lawless", which Star Wars: Galactic Atlas places in 19 BBY, it can be assumed that the events of Heroes of Mandalore, as well as The Occupation take place in approximately 1 BBY. Because Special Ops must be set between these episodes, this information places it between 2 BBY and 1 BBY.

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