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"The STAR WARS REBELS line features a wide range of action figures, vehicles and role-plays toy [sic] directly based on the animation, and includes Rebel heroes like EZRA, KANAN, and ZEB as well as evil villains like the INQUISITOR and AGENT KALLUS."
―Hasbro press release[src]

The Star Wars Rebels Hasbro toy line was first released in October 2014. The line includes action figures, vehicles, and roleplaying toys to complement the animated series Star Wars Rebels.

The toy line was first announced through a StarWars.com press release on October 9, 2013 in advance of that year's New York Comic Con.[1] The first overall wave of the Star Wars Rebels line was revealed at the 2014 American International Toy Fair in New York City.


The Star Wars Rebels lines includes three primary sub series: Saga Legends and Mission Series of 3.75-inch action figures and the Hero Series of twelve-inch figures. A number of vehicles further complement the 3.75-inch figures, while additional life-size roleplay toys are available as well, including masks, lightsabers, and blasters.[3][4]

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The Ghost - Reveal the Rebels: Jedi Reveal (SWR)[5]


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