"The OFFICIAL MAGAZINE of the Star Wars TV sensation!"

Star Wars Rebels Magazine (Star Wars Rebels Magazin in Germany and Star Wars Rebels le magazine officiel in France) was a magazine series published by Titan Magazines in the United States, Egmont UK Ltd in the United Kingdom and Panini in Germany. The magazine features information and comics based on the animated television series Star Wars Rebels. The first issue was published in the UK on January 28, 2015, while the magazine debuted in the US on October 20, 2015, and ceased publication on December 21, 2016. The magazine continued publication in Germany until its final issue on December 20, 2017, whereupon it was replaced by the Star Wars Rebels Animation-Magazine, which continues to feature comics relating to Star Wars Rebels.



A 12-page comic has been released with every issue of Star Wars Rebels Magazine since January 2015. Issues have been written by Martin Fisher and Jeremy Barlow. Illustrators include Bob Molesworth, Ingo Romling, and Eva Widermann. Series edited by Gunther Nickel.

Issues 36 and 38 included no new comics and instead had reprints of "Sabotaged Supplies" and "Ezra's Vision" respectively.

Color code key:
Collected (TPB) comic Released comic Released comic (international) Future comic
IssueTitlePublication dateTrade paperback
1"Ring Race" January 28, 2015
Volume 1: Resistance
March 21, 2016[1]
2"Learning Patience" February 25, 2015
3"The fake Jedi" March 25, 2015
4"Kallus' Hunt" April 22, 2015
5"Return of the Slavers" May 25, 2015
6"Eyes on the Prize" June 17, 2015
7"Sabotaged Supplies" July 15, 2015
8"Ezra's Vision" August 12, 2015
9"Senate Perspective" September 9, 2015
Volume 2: Changes
September 19, 2016[2]
10"Becoming Hunted" October 7, 2015
11"Assessment" November 4, 2015
12"Ocean Rescue" December 2015
13"Secrets of Sienar" December 30, 2015
14"No Sympathy" January 27, 2016
15"A Day's Duty" February 24, 2016
16"Ice Breaking" March 23, 2016
17"Vulnerable Areas" April 20, 2016
Volume 3: Rebellion at the Edge of the Galaxy
July 24, 2017[3]
18"Academy Cadets" May 18, 2016
19"Escaping the Scrap Pile" June 29, 2016
20"The Gangsters of Galzez" August 10, 2016
21"Puffer Problems" September 25, 2016
22"The Thune Cargo" November 2, 2016¨
23"Always Bet on Chop" September 28, 2016
24"The Second Chance" October 26, 2016
25"The Ballad of 264" November 23, 2016

26"The Line of Duty" December 22, 2016
27"A Time to Survive" January 18, 2017
28"Too Late to Change" February 15, 2017
29"The Size of the Fight" March 15, 2017
30"The Wrong Crowd" April 12, 2017
31"Off the Rails" May 10, 2017
32"To Thy Metal Heart Be True" June 7, 2017
33"Sons of the Sky" July 5, 2017

34"Final Round" August 2, 2017
35"A Youth Unpromising" August 30, 2017
37"Fifth and Final" October 25, 2017
39"Never Far Behind" December 20, 2017
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