Star Wars Tales is a series of comics that began on September 29, 1999 and ended on July 13, 2005 published by Dark Horse Comics. Each issue is an anthology of stories from various eras of the Star Wars timeline. Although the stories themselves are unrelated, many issues were themed around a single character, group or era. Each story varies in length, with six or so stories in each issue, adding up to a total of 64 pages. Two covers were produced for each issue, one illustrated, another a photo-cover.

Issue #1 to Issue #20 were edited by Peet Janes (Issues 1 and 2) and Dave Land (Issues 3-20) and were labeled Infinities, placing them outside the canon (though this is not to say that the events depicted are permanently outside of the official continuity, just that they should not be considered canon unless or until they are endorsed by a canon source).[1]

However, in-universe, the premise is that the stories of the Tales series are holo rentals from Peeja Mobet's Holo Emporium. Peeja Mobet introduced the first two issues (before editor Peet Janes left the series and Dave Land took over), talking about the stories presented. Even he admits not everything that is found in his shop is "historically accurate." In his words (taken from Issue 1):

"Some folks take liberties with their characters, others ignore potentially significant events, and still others speculate about what might have happened if something didn't occur when and where it should have. Or vice-versa for that matter. And then of course there's them hoo-ha stories, which make none of the pretense about tying in so long as you're doubled over and crackin' up!"

From Issue 2: "Now, the stories that I carry in this shop have been told from as many points of view as there are thinking beings on this planet. That makes for some interesting perspectives, even on the same stories that we've heard over and over again. Everybody's got his or her own personal spin on events, and ideas of the outcomes too, that may rankle some folks: 'Hey, I was there! He didn't do that!' they shout over their half-drained lomin ales. Then somebody else pipes in with 'What do you know? You weren't even hatched when that happened!' and then the place devolves into a classic brawl.

I have a little more respect for the differing viewpoints. For one, every different viewpoint is another story I can rent! For another, despite the fact that our perceptions are based on the same incoming information, everybody has his or her own interpretations of things, no matter what lobe they're using or how glitterstimmed their ganglia may be. That's what makes this the most colorful galaxy in the universe, eh?

The most important thing is: is it a good story? Does it have all the parts, in a semblance of order, and make sense as a whole? Did you laugh at the end, or did your hearts jump and make you wonder about the final outcome, the fate of some endearing (or reviled!) character? I hope so; otherwise I'm not doing my job and you'd better tell me!"

Jeremy Barlow became the next editor, and edited Issue #21 to Issue #24. All the tales from these issues are considered to be canon, unless labeled otherwise.

Tales also produced a 16-page Free Comic Book Day Edition, released in May 2002.

Many Tales stories and events from the first twenty issues have been referenced in other Star Wars publications. This elevates the referenced aspects of the story into the canon, but does not necessarily mean that the entire story should be considered within the official continuity. For a list of all Tales stories that have had elements incorporated into continuity, see the corresponding section below.

The 24 issues of Tales have been collected in six volumes of trade paperbacks, collecting four full issues each.

Notable contributors

Author Tales contribution(s) Other notable works
Sergio AragonésJunkheap Hero, Spare PartsMAD Magazine, Groo the Wanderer
Jeremy BarlowRather Darkness VisibleEmpire, Clone Wars Adventures
Haden BlackmanRevenants, Single Cell, Into the Great UnknownRepublic, Clone Wars Adventures
Peter DavidSkippy the Jedi DroidVarious Star Trek comics and novels
Jan DuursemaDeal With a Demon, Single Cell, GhostRepublic, Legacy
Ian EdgintonLando's Commandos: On Eagles' Wings, A Hot Time in the Cold Town Tonite!, Honor Bound2000 AD, Scarlet Traces
Cam KennedyTales 18 coverDark Empire
Ron MarzExtinction, ResurrectionDarth Maul, Empire
Steve NilesPlanet of the Dead30 Days of Night
John OstranderDeal With a Demon, Bad BusinessRepublic, Legacy
Kilian PlunkettSand Blasted, First ImpressionsShadows of the Empire, The Clone Wars
Randy StradleyJedi ChefCrimson Empire, Jedi Council: Acts of War
Ben TemplesmithDark Journey30 Days of Night
Ryder WindhamThank the MakerRepublic, Missions
Timothy ZahnMara Jade: A Night on the TownThrawn Trilogy, Hand of Thrawn Duology


Collected (TPB) issue Released issue Future issue
IssueTitlePublication dateTrade paperbackTPB pub date
1Tales 1September 20, 1999Tales Volume 1February 20, 2002
2Tales 2January 5, 2000
3Tales 3March 29, 2000
4Tales 4June 29, 2000
5Tales 5September 27, 2000Tales Volume 2May 1, 2002
6Tales 6December 20, 2000
7Tales 7March 7, 2001
8Tales 8June 13, 2001
9Tales 9October 10, 2001Tales Volume 3February 26, 2003
10Tales 10December 12, 2001
11Tales 11March 20, 2002
12Tales 12June 5, 2002
13Tales 13September 25, 2002Tales Volume 4January 29, 2004
14Tales 14December 11, 2002
15Tales 15March 12, 2003
16Tales 16June 25, 2003
17Tales 17October 1, 2003Tales Volume 5February 23, 2005
18Tales 18December 24, 2003
19Tales 19May 14, 2004
20Tales 20June 30, 2004
21Tales 21October 20, 2004Tales Volume 6January 25, 2006
22Tales 22February 23, 2005
23Tales 23May 11, 2005
24Tales 24July 13, 2005

List of Star Wars Tales by Issue

Issues considered infinities

(Note: Some stories in these issues, such as "Lady Luck" in issue #3 by Rich Handley and Darko Macan, have been referenced in other resources, rendering them canonical.)

Swta1 Pl

Polish cover of Gwiezdne Wojny - Komiks

Star Wars Tales Volume 1

Star Wars Tales Volume 2

Star Wars Tales Volume 3

Star Wars Tales Volume 4

Star Wars Tales Volume 5

Canonical issues

Star Wars Tales Volume 6

Tales stories with elements of continuity

This is a list of all stories in Star Wars Tales with elements that occur in continuity. By default, all Tales stories are Infinities, and are popularly described as being "non-canon with elements of continuity", referring to the fact that if an outside source C-canon or higher references an element in a Tales story, that element is canonized. It is important to note that this does not make the entire story canon, and in some cases the non-canon parts of the story contain details that are irreconcilable with the rest of Star Wars canon. These are noted below. All stories are sorted by Trade Paperback Volume number, then alphabetically. The source in which the canon reference occurs is listed below the entry, with the appropriate section of the source following it.

Stories entirely within canon

The following are Tales stories that have either been reprinted without the Infinities logo, rendering them entirely canon, or stories printed after Tales 20, which no longer carry the Infinities logo unless an individual story calls for it. No source is listed for the stories of Volume VI, as they are already in canon.

Volume I


Volume II

Death Star Pirates

Volume III


Volume VI

Stories with elements of continuity

The following are Tales stories that have had a reference to them published in a canon source. The scope of the reference varies; some, such as Extinction, have almost their entire story referenced, while others may have no more than a planet or person's name reprinted.

Volume I


Deal with a Demon

The Death of Captain Tarpals

Lady Luck

Life, Death, and the Living Force

Mara Jade: A Night on the Town

Sand Blasted

Skippy the Jedi Droid[2]

Stop That Jawa!

Incident at Horn Station

Three Against the Galaxy

Moment of Doubt

Volume II

A Hot Time in the Cold Town Tonite!

A Summer's Dream

Fortune, Fate, and the Natural History of the Sarlacc[3]


The Hovel on Terk Street

Lando's Commandos: On Eagles' Wings

Outbid But Never Outgunned

Single Cell

Nerf Herder

Thank the Maker

Bad Business

Yaddle's Tale: The One Below [4]

Captain Threepio

The One That Got Away

The Secret Tales of Luke's Hand

Volume III

A Jedi's Weapon

Hate Leads to Lollipops


Once Bitten

A Day in the Life

The Duty

Volume IV

Apocalypse Endor

Children of the Force[5]

First Impressions

Kessel Run

Puzzle Peace


The Secret of Tet-Ami

Slippery Slope


Survivors (comic)

The Sith in the Shadow

Tides of Terror


Heart of Darkness

Volume V

Dark Journey

Being Boba Fett

Revenants [6]

The Apprentice

Phantom Menaces

Number Two in the Galaxy


The Value of Proper Intelligence to Any Successful Military Campaign is Not to Be Underestimated

Into the Great Unknown

Rather Darkness Visible

Young Lando Calrissian

Notes and references

  1. Leland Chee's statement
  2. This story has only been referenced as an in-universe rumor.
  3. The framing story can not be entirely within canon due to a timeline conflict: Boba Fett is present when Grubbat Fhilch is fed to the parent Sarlacc at the story's beginning. However, the Sarlacc which spawns from its parent during the story, the one which later inhabits the Great Pit of Carkoon, is confirmed in A Barve Like That: The Tale of Boba Fett as being hundreds of years old.
  4. The framing story can not be entirely within canon due to a timeline conflict: Oppo Rancisis is present on the Jedi Council for the confirmation of Yaddle in the story; however, Oppo was trained by Yaddle, and at this time was only a Padawan.
  5. Any references to Mace Windu's parents cannot be canon due to a conflict with his backstory provided in Shatterpoint.
  6. Han Solo's role is questionable, due to a conflict with The Unifying Force, where it is implied that he and Boba Fett have not met in a long time.

Star Wars Tales
Tales 1: Life, Death, and the Living Force · Mara Jade: A Night on the Town · Extinction, Part 1 · Skippy the Jedi Droid
Tales 2: Routine · Extinction, Part 2 · Stop That Jawa! · Incident at Horn Station
Tales 3: The Death of Captain Tarpals · Deal with a Demon · Lady Luck · Three Against the Galaxy
Tales 4: Moment of Doubt · A Death Star Is Born · Spare Parts · Sand Blasted
Tales 5: Yaddle's Tale: The One Below · What They Called Me · A Summer's Dream · Hoth · Lando's Commandos: On Eagles' Wings
Tales 6: The Hovel on Terk Street · A Hot Time in the Cold Town Tonite! · Fortune, Fate, and the Natural History of the Sarlacc · Junkheap Hero · The Hidden · Thank the Maker
Tales 7: Single Cell · Nerf Herder · Jedi Chef · Outbid But Never Outgunned · Force Fiction
Tales 8: Captain Threepio · The One That Got Away · The Secret Tales of Luke's Hand! · Death Star Pirates · Bad Business
Tales 9: Resurrection · Hate Leads to Lollipops · The Rebel Four
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Tales 12: A Day in the Life · A Jedi's Weapon · The Revenge of Tag & Bink · Once Bitten · The Duty
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Tales 14: Apocalypse Endor · The Emperor's Court · Urchins · Tides of Terror · The Lesson · Smuggler's Blues · Mythology
Tales 15: Sandstorm · First Impressions · Falling Star · Do or Do Not · Slippery Slope · Lucky Stars
Tales 16: The Other · Best Birthday Ever · The Long, Bad Day · Kessel Run · Lunch Break · Heart of Darkness
Tales 17: Planet of the Dead · All for You · Phantom Menaces · Ghosts of Hoth · The Apprentice · Dark Journey
Tales 18: Number Two in the Galaxy · Payback · Being Boba Fett · The Way of the Warrior · Revenants
Tales 19: Collapsing New Empires · The Value of Proper Intelligence to Any Successful Military Campaign is Not to Be Underestimated · Rather Darkness Visible · The Rebel Club · The Lost Lightsaber · Into the Great Unknown · Storyteller
Tales 20: George R. Binks · Who's Your Daddy · Fred Jawa · Luke Skywalker: Detective · Hunger Pains · Failing Up With Jar Jar Binks · Nobody's Perfect · Problem Solvers · Melvin Fett · Young Lando Calrissian
Tales 21: Nomad Chapter One · Walking the Path That's Given · Equals & Opposites
Tales 22: Honor Bound · Nomad Chapter Two · Marooned
Tales 23: Shadows and Light · Nomad Chapter Three · Lucky
Tales 24: Marked · Fett Club · Unseen, Unheard · Nomad Chapter Four
Trade paperbacks
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