Star Wars Tales #20 is the twentieth issue in the Star Wars Tales series of comics. It was published on June 30, 2004 by Dark Horse Comics.

Publisher's summary[]

This issue features some of the heavy hitters from the world of indy comics! Gasp as Tony Millionaire (Sock Monkey) offers up a story featuring JAR JAR BINKS'S long suffering father—George R. Binks! Squeal in delight at Peter Bagge (Hate) exposes the underdeveloped leadership skills of Senate Representative JAR JAR BINKS! Gasp as James Kolchaka (American Elf) chronicles the exploits of Boba Fett's cousin Melvin as he tries to assassinate a JAR JAR BINKS sippy cup! And marvel at the utter lack of JAR JAR BINKS in stories by Gilbert Hernandez (Love & Rockets) and Bob Fingerman (Minimum Wage)! Plus much MORE!


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