Star Wars Trilogy Arcade is an arcade game published by Sega and LucasArts. It is based on the Original trilogy (Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope, Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi).


The game had 4 main levels:

The first three levels were accessible from the beginning of the game and could be played in any order. Once all three had been played, the final level was unlocked.

The Battle of Yavin details the attack on the first Death Star. The player flies an X Wing against wave after wave of TIE Fighters in the first segment of the level. Once they are all defeated, the player flies across the surface of the Death Star destroying Turbolaser Towers and TIE Fighters alike. Finally Darth Vader makes an appearance flying his TIE Advanced x1. If he is defeated, the player begins his trench run. Darth Vader makes a second appearance here and the game breaks with canon as his wingmen can be destroyed with proton torpedoes.

The Battle of Hoth features both the snowspeeders and the escape from Echo Base. The main targets for the snowspeeders are the AT-STs, but when there is a call for Attack Pattern Delta, snowspeeders make an attack on the necks of AT-AT's and can decapitate them. After damaging the attacking Imperial forces, the snowspeeder lands and the player proceeds on foot through Echo Base to find the Millennium Falcon. This part of level is notable because it had parts based on deleted scenes (from The Empire Strikes Back) of Wampas in captivity in Echo Base.

The ground portion of the Battle of Endor commences with the Speederbike chase trying to prevent the Imperials from informing their superiors that the rebels have landed. Once all Scout troopers have been stopped, the rebels then move on to attacking the bunker. Every now and again, Ewoks can be summoned to jump on the heads of attacking stormtroopers. Once the player arrives at the bunker, he is set on by an AT-ST which has to be destroyed with nothing more than a blaster rifle.

The Final Battle is the Battle of Endor in space whereby the player flies an X-Wing against the might of the Imperial Fleet, over the surface of the second Death Star (which has a tighter, anti-fighter defense) and into the heart of the Main Reactor. The battle is also noted for having to make strafing runs against the occasional Star Destroyer and a duel against a Lambda Shuttle. The Main Reactor is destroyed by firing five sets of proton torpedoes which goes against canon as the X-Wing at this time only has a rack of six. After the Death Star is destroyed, a montage of the game's levels is displayed and a final score and rank given.

Once two of the first three levels have been completed, the player engages in a one-on-one fight with Boba Fett as Luke Skywalker during the battle on Jabba's sail barge. The player is required to block Boba Fett's blaster shots with a Lightsaber and will occasionally deflect one right back at the bounty hunter. If every possible deflected shot is successful, Fett is sent into the Sarlacc and a bonus is awarded.

After all three first levels are completed, the player again assumes the mantle of Luke Skywalker but this time battles Darth Vader aboard the Death Star. The lightsaber is used to block Vader's attacks and when he overbalances himself, the player can strike back by pulling off a combination move as indicated on the screen. If all the combination moves are completed, Darth Vader falls and Skywalker's lightsaber points at Vader. If the lightsaber is turned off at this point, the Emperor growls "so be it, Jedi", but if the lightsaber is not turned off, nothing happens.

During the game, the player plays as Luke Skywalker during Yavin and the bonus levels, an unidentified Rebel during Hoth and Endor, and as Wedge Antilles during Endor Space.


There are a number of level "secrets" in the game which award score bonuses. These range from not calling in reinforcements when available to making full use of reinforcements to killing all enemies in a portion of the game. Known ones are:

  • Battle of Yavin 1 - Do not summon reinforcements; save all allies
  • Battle of Yavin 2 - Destroy all blue Turbolaser Towers
  • Battle of Yavin 3 - Destroy Vader's Wingmen and get 100% enemies destroyed
  • Battle of Hoth 1 - Decapitate all AT-AT's
  • Battle of Hoth 2 - Shoot all Stormtroopers; do not hit C-3PO or R2-D2
  • Battle of Hoth 3 - Do not get hit by the final Wampa
  • Battle of Endor 1 - Stop all Scout Troopers; damage the AT-STs that walk onto the path
  • Battle of Endor 2 - Summon all Ewoks when available
  • Battle of Endor 3 - Avoid getting hit by AT-ST
  • Attack on the Death Star 1 - Destroy all Star Destroyer Hardpoints; save all allies
  • Attack on the Death Star 2 - Destroy all TIE Fighters
  • Attack on the Death Star 3 - Make all 5 hits on the Main Reactor



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