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"Thank you so much! We are your band, Star Waver!
On flaming rumble bass, Gee! On versatile cluster drums, Lan! On electrified dual guitars, Kurti! And on vocals, it's me—Oh, sorry. Sorry 'bout that, folks. And rocking those electronic sounds…it's V5!
―Jay, introducing Star Waver[src]

Star Waver was a band that performed on the planet Tatooine some time after the Clone Wars. Its members included the droid guitarist Kurti, former Jedi singer Jay, Hutt guitarist Geezer, nicknamed "Gee," and drummer Lan.[1]

At some point, Jabba the Hutt put out a bounty on Geezer because he did not want to join Jabba's crime syndicate. As a result, a team of bounty hunters led by Boba Fett attacked a Star Waver concert, seeking to seize and kidnap the group's Hutt guitarist for Jabba.[1]

The droid member V-5 bemoaned that the group could "never finish their set" because of the bounty on Geezer, which led to their performances being attacked by bounty hunters.[1]

The band performed their song "Galactic Dreamer" for a large audience at the Mos Espa Grand Arena on Tatooine.[1]



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