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Plaza of the Daders

A wing of stardestroyers

Stardestroyer was a small agile two-person starfighter of the New Galactic Empire.

Just prior to Emperor Cos Dashit's speech at the Plaza of the Daders on the Imperial City of Alderaan, a four-fighter wing of stardestroyers, wanting to please their emperor, did a maneuver on the plaza where they broke left and rolled.

Behind the scenesEdit

The 'Stardestroyer's were vehicles in the The Star Wars: Rough Draft released in 1974, and later depicted in The Star Wars comic series. Their overall shape was similar to the Star Destroyer warships in the final release, although they were significantly smaller, with their function being closer to TIE fighters in the final release.

Despite their significant differences to the actual Star Destroyers in the main franchise, the subtitles for Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back and Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi spelled the latter as "stardestroyer" during spoken dialogue.

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