"We concur. And it is time we obtained the weapon of last resort: The stardrop torpedo."
―Her Majesty[src]

Stardrops were a type of torpedoes that were capable of annihilating a massive base from orbit. They were known to be unstable and volatile. Agents of the Rebel Alliance in the Anoat sector owned several, which they used for blowing up asteroids. Most of those were confiscated by the Galactic Empire, but one was deliberatly abandoned in the ice of the planet Hoth.[1]

During the Iron Blockade of the Anoat sector, the Uprising acquired the Hoth stardrop. They intended to use it as a last resort, should their mission to capture Commander Bragh of the Imperial Purge Troopers go awry. And indeed, the kidnapping attempt failed; not only did Bragh avoid capture, but two high-profile members of the Uprising—Her Majesty and Loathe—were taken to the black site prison known as the Crypt. Later, when the Uprising launched a rescue mission to the Crypt, they aimed the recovered stardrop at the prison's command compound, dissuading the Imperials from calling reinforcements.[1]

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