Starfighter: Crossbones was a three-issue series of comics published by Dark Horse Comics between January 9, 2002 and March 13, 2002. It is set in 24 BBY. This spin-off was based on the successful video game Starfighter. This series has not been collected as a trade paperback, but was eventually collected in Star Wars Omnibus: Menace Revealed.

It tells the story of the pirate captain Nym and his hunt of his nemesis Sol Sixxa on the planet Maramere.


Color code key:
Collected (TPB) issue Released issue Future issue
Issue Title Publication date Star Wars Omnibus
1 Starfighter: Crossbones 1 January 9, 2002
Omni bg.jpg
Menace Revealed
July 22, 2009
2 Starfighter: Crossbones 2 February 13, 2002
3 Starfighter: Crossbones 3 March 13, 2002

Behind the scenes[]


Star Wars Starfighter: Crossbones was supposed to include only alien characters; author Ramón F. Bachs was explicitly asked not to include any Humans. However, he convinced the rest of the team to include one Human as a background character in the cantina. That Human was a caricature of Star Wars fan Skippy Farlstendoiro, who has met Bachs many times usually disguised as a Mon Calamari. As such, "Farlstendoiro" appeared next to a Mon Calamari. Furthermore, another human appeared in the first issue: Vana Sage (in a hologram).