Starfighter: Crossbones 1 was the first of three issues in the Starfighter: Crossbones comic tie-in to the Starfighter video game.

Publisher's summary[]

Following on the heels of LucasArts' Starfighter video game comes Crossbones, a limited series featuring the intimidating pirate captain Nym in his own solo adventure. The story begins eight years after the Battle of Naboo and Nym is down and out on Rodia. In the hopes of earning some quick credits, Nym agrees to hunt down Sol Sixxa, a pirate terrorizing the watery world of Maramere. But first, Nym must lead a rag-tag Rodian tribe to victory in a violent clan war...

Plot summary[]

On the planet Maramere, Neimoidians, Harro Ruuk and Toat were discussion their occupation of the planet and the benefits it would provide to the Trade Federation when Mere Pirates, lead by Sol Sixxa shot and killed Toat, destroyed the Battle Droids on board, stole the cargo and sank it with the Protocol Droid's head joining the ship.

One month later Ambassador Loreli Ro was at the Jedi Temple approaching Master Adi Gallia hoping that she would help . Vana Sage then informs Master Gallia about the events surrounding the Nym's past, including the Loss of his Base, his involvement with destroying a Droid factory on Eos to his role in the Uprising on Naboo.

Following the aftermath of the uprising, he would leave Naboo taking nothing in return. Returning to Lok to find the Trade Federation had turned his base into a staging area for raids in the Karthakk system. Lacking resources to take it back he told Vana that he will be going to Bothan Space to look for work as a mercenary. Vana would comment on the stories and rumours she would of him being in Commenor to Sullust to ultimately being part of a clan war on Rodia.

Nym was currently working with a Rodian Jannik who was leading the Reeven Clan into battle with Evo of the Cairn Clan, the prize was territory and 3,000 Credits in a War Chest. Before the conflict began, Nym expressed his dislike of the ceremonial Armor he was wearing, thinking it was too small, and told Jannik to "stick to the script". Loreli Ro was observing the conflict with the Grand Protector. During the conflict Jannik was in too deep and Nym told him to fall back, but he refused on the grounds of being Clan Leader, which caused the rest of the crew to be cut off. Because they didn't follow the "script", Nym opted to "improvise" and charged straight to Evo's Ceremonial chair pushing it over and causing Evo to fall out. As both Jannik and Nym were surrounded by enemy warriors, Nym pulled out a thermal detonator and grappled Jannik and himself up into the air leaving the detonator behind to explode, killing all clan members, Evo included, and causing a crater. The Grand Protector, seeing no sign of Nym, declared that the battle was a draw until Nym appeared behind him drawing a blaster pistol. The Grand Protector, also seeing Jannik alive with Nym, declared that Jannik won, but Nym then dropped his armor and stole the War Chest to Jannik's disgust. He told Nym "I'll have your head on a Pike" and every clan will hunt him down.

It was revealed later that Nym only pretended to steal the chest from Jannik for the cameras and was in the middle of giving Jannik his share of the profits when Loreli approached them, hoping to recruit him to apprehend Sol Sixxa. Nym agreed.


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