Starfighter: Crossbones 3 was the third of three issues in the Starfighter: Crossbones comic tie-in to the Starfighter video game.

Publisher's summary[]

In the conclusion of the three-part series, mercenary alien Nym confronts the murderous villain Sol Sixxa in an epic ship-to-ship battle on the oceans of Maramere. High-seas action, Star Wars-style, culminates in a fight to the death. But when the Trade Federation arrives, will either pirate survive?

Plot summary[]

Sol Sixxa waited on the Revenant for Nym to confront him. As the crew prepare the ship one of his subordinates assess the weather and the reputation Nym has with the advice to proceed caution. Sol then beheads the subordinate proclaiming that Nym is not a "murderer". Just then Nym's Cutter, the Sunrunner was spotted. Sol then orders the crew to activate the prototype Cloaking device.

On the Sunrunner Jinkins was outfitting Nym's Cyborg arm with a Hand cannon. As the project was completed the Refugee Captain had finished directing them to the Haunted Straits where his ship was attacked. Loreli Ro relayed the legends about the Straits, including the Invisible Island. Nym concludes that this is where his raids have been staged. Meanwhile the Trade Federation forces lead by Harro Ruuk order a Squadron of Ostracoda-class gunboats to reacquire the prototype without drawing the attention of the Trade Federation Executive Board.

As the ship was halfway through the straits, Nym knew Sol was about to attack and his theory was correct as he sent a team of Mere to kill the crew, minus Loreli. However, Nym countered by calling a Code Green, which caused Jannik's Rodian Clan to spring up to attack. Sixxa then countered by sending in speeders, which Nym then countered by unveiling his turret armed and powered by his Bomblet generator and manned by Jinkins. With his forces getting decimated, Sixxa called a retreat while slicing off Nym's hand cannon, and stabbing Jannik through him. Nym, realising what they stole, jumps onto the Revenant with Kole and the Rodians following suit.

Nym then tackles Sol Sixxa and the two plung into the Ocean, still fighting and Nym wins by uppercutting him and swims for shore. Kole then deactivates the cloaking device but as soon as Jinkins gets visual he notices that the Trade Federation has arrived. Nym then washes ashore on the Island but is attacked by Sol who feels like he knows too much, but is overpowered by Nym. Just then they realised that the Trade Federation has taken over both boats and they decide to call a truce, and Nym forms a plan.

Back on the Revenant a Neimoidian reports to Harro that they have secured the ship but is then ambushed by Sol Sixxa, who fights the Battle Droids. As Jinkins is watching the situation unfold and is struggling with his choices, Nym shows up and tells Jinkins to overload the bomblet generator and get Jannik and himself to the life pod, while he accelerates the ship and collides with it as Kole, recognising this grabs Loreli and jumps ship. As both ships sink Loreli brings Nym to the surface and he "assures" her that Sixxa is dead.

However, three weeks later, Nym in his Havoc lands on the Invisable Island, which Jinkins learns that because of the Stygium crystals were scrambling the sensors. Its here that Nym would forge an alliance with Sixxa in his fight against the Trade Federation.



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