Starfighter Battle Book: X-wing vs TIE Interceptor is a roleplaying adventure book published by West End Games in 1989, written by Douglas Kaufman.

Publisher's summary[]

The Star Wars saga continues... Starfighters tangle in deadly combat as Rebel and Imperial pilots battle among the stars!

The X-wing starfighter, a legendary combination of speed and firepower -- the Rebel vehicle flown by Luke Skywalker when he destroyed the Death Star.

The TIE Interceptor, primed for lightning quickness and maneuverability -- the Imperial starfighter designed to defeat the Rebels in ship-to-ship combat.

These one-man fighters engage in an interstellar dogfight against a backdrop of sprawling stars. It's a high-speed, laser-flashing, all-out pilot's duel to the finish -- and you are at the controls!

In this exciting two-player game, one player pilots a Rebel X-wing, and the other player mans the controls of an Imperial TIE Interceptor. Whoever can best utilize his starfighter's sophisticated technology to outmaneuver and out-gun his opponent will emerge victorious.

This action-packed, brilliantly illustrated Starfighter Battle Book contains everything you need to stage daring starfighter battles in the Star Wars galaxy, including one X-wing Starfighter Booklet, one TIE Interceptor Starfighter Booklet, and a handsome slipcase.


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