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This article is about Rebel Alliance Starfighter Command. You may be looking for New Republic Starfighter Command or Galactic Alliance Starfighter Command.

Starfighter Command, sometimes known as Fighter Command, was the department in command of the Alliance Starfighter Corps and responsible for handling Alliance to Restore the Republic starfighter squadrons assigned to their bases, ships and fleets assigned to both the Alliance Forces and individual Sector Forces. Pilot training fell under the authority of Starfighter Command, as did direct command of "rogue" starfighter wings deployed with the Alliance Forces. Starfighter wings deployed to individual sectors were placed under the command of the Sector Commander, with Starfighter Command relinquishing direct control of the unit. The Wing Commander reported directly to the Sector Commander, but also filed reports with Starfighter Command. Starfighter Command had the option to file complaints with Sector Command if they felt that the starfighters they had assigned to a sector were being used inefficiently and ineffectively.

Large scale operations requiring multiple starfighter wings—operations mounted against Imperial fleets and base—sometimes required the use of more wings and squadrons than Starfighter Command had available to them. In these situations, Starfighter Command requests that Sector Command loan the assigned starfighter units back to the Alliance for the duration of the mission. These requests were generally met with complaints from Sector Commanders who believed that the situation in their operational theatre was desperate and the fighters could not be spared at any costs. Conflicts in interests were resolved by either Sector Command or the Chief of Staff.



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