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The Stargazer Uprising occurred when Je'daii Journeyer Dalien Brock faked his own death in the old Ruins on the planet Tython and later resurfaced to lead the uprising. His sister and fellow Journeyer Lanoree Brock was tasked with stopping his plans to discover and activate a Hypergate with dark matter. The Je'daii Council feared this would lead to the formation of a black hole and the destruction of the system.

After fighting in Greenwood Station on Nox, Dalien plants evidence of Je'daii cooperation and even kills a set of officials which sparks a war between two domes (Both centered on weapons manufacturing). Lanoree Brock and Tre Sana escaped the doomed dome together and eventually caught up with Dalien on Sunspot. After he shoots her through the chest on Sunspot she recovers using alchemy of the flesh. Finally Lanoree kills her brother in the old ruins and returns to the Je'daii ending the crisis.

However several of the benefactors of the Stargazers survive and vanish. Meanwhile, a new threat emerged with the arrival of a foreign ship which crashes on Tython.


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