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"I was once a great Sith. But I looked into the abyss. I followed the Children, and the First Son found out. The scalpel and bright lights took my name. Now I serve, as Stark."
―Stark explaining to the Barsen'thor[1]

Stark was a male Human Sith of the Sith Empire in the Cold War. He tried to discover the truth behind the Children of the Emperor, but was captured and brainwashed by the First Son and became a loyal servant of him. Later, he kidnapped the Senator Tobas Grell in deep space, killing three of his guards in the process. He interrogated the Senator about the Rift Alliance's plans and eventually executed him for resisting his questions. Later, Barsen'thor and Tobas' daughter, Nadia Grell arrived on Stark's ship to confront him and save Tobas. Upon learning of her father's death, an enraged Nadia engaged Stark and defeated him with Baren'thor. Barsen'thor either let Nadia take vengeance for her father by executing Stark, or persuaded her not to, resulting in Stark succumbing to his wounds after remarking that his master is "sending me away again".

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