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"These are my co-directors, nasty bits of business all."
Iaco Stark[src]

The Stark Commercial Combine (also called the Stark Collective or Stark Commerce Combine) was a group of pirates, smugglers, assassins, bounty hunters, and mercenaries centered in the Outer Rim Territories. It was organized, led by, and named after Iaco Stark. Its flagship was the Raptor.

History[edit | edit source]

Secretly allied with the Trade Federation and Xucphra Corporation, the Collective caused the bacta shortage of 44 BBY. During it, the Combine became heroes to the poor people of the Outer Rim when they began "raiding" bacta shipments and redirecting them to the planets that otherwise could not afford them - although still selling it at a profit to benefit their allegiance with the Trade Federation.

Members of the Jedi Council suspected that the Collective was behind the bacta shortage, and along with members of the Galactic Senate agreed to Stark's suggestion of a mediation summit on the planet Troiken. However, it was a trap; the Collective had developed a navicomputer virus and unleashed it on the illegal war fleet assembled by Senator Ranulph Tarkin, resulting in the Stark Hyperspace War.

The Combine was defeated in the war when the Jedi intervened after convincing the Trade Federation to betray their allies. Xucphra's duplicity was discovered and resulted in it being kicked off of Thyferra, while Stark killed his Combine co-directors in a bid to defect to the Jedi on positive terms (which he did). The remnants of the Collective surrendered following the Fifth Battle of Qotile, and Stark himself eventually found a job as a legitimate businessman for the Commerce Guild.

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