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The Stark Hyperspace War was a border conflict that occurred during the Great Peace of the Galactic Republic.[1] This border conflict occurred sometime between the end of the Jedi-Sith War in 1032 BBY to the outbreak of the Clone Wars in 22 BBY.[2] The war pitted the Republic[1] and the Jedi Order[3] against a band of pirates, and was one example of the several localized conflicts that demanded the attention of the Republic and the Jedi during the Great Peace. With the Republic's lack of a standing army and navy, the government relied on volunteer soldiers and vessels along with Jedi Knights to resolve such conflicts.[1] Jedi Master Saesee Tiin was a veteran of the Stark Hyperspace War.[3]

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A battle in the Star Wars Legends version of the Stark Hyperspace War, as portrayed in Star Wars 39

The Stark Hyperspace War was first mentioned in Star Wars canon in the 2013 mobile app Star Wars: Force Collection.[3] In the Star Wars Legends continuity, the war was introduced in the 1999 Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace Scrapbook by Ryder Windham, which described the conflict as the "Hyperspace Wars" in which Jedi Masters Plo Koon and Qui-Gon Jinn fought.[4] The novel Cloak of Deception, written by James Luceno[5] and published on May 29, 2001,[6] mentioned the "Stark Hyperspace Conflict," although it was not explicitly connected to the Hyperspace Wars.[5]

The Stark Hyperspace War made its first appearance in flashbacks as the subject of an eponymous four-issue story arc in the 1998 Star Wars comic-book series published by Dark Horse Comics. Star Wars 36 was the first issue of the arc, written by John Ostrander, illustrated by Davidé Fabbri,[7] and published on November 28, 2001.[8] In the comics, the war was fought between the Republic and Jedi against the Stark Commercial Combine pirate organization. Jinn and Koon were both portrayed as combatants in the series, establishing the conflict to be the same as the Hyperspace Wars.[7]


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