"I'm going to enjoy this…"
―Darth Phobos, before her duel with Starkiller[src]

The Second Mission to the Jedi Temple was an assignment carried out by Starkiller, to complete his training in preparation of facing several Jedi.


Darth Vader: "There are more tests you must pass."
Starkiller: "What tests?"
Darth Vader: "Go to the Jedi Temple, do not fail me."
―Darth Vader and Starkiller[src]

After Starkiller assassinated the deranged Jedi Master, Kazdan Paratus on Raxus Prime, Darth Vader sent his apprentice to the Jedi Temple once more in order to prepare for his next mission.

Infiltrating the TempleEdit

"The Emperor has decreed a quarantine! Stop and prepare to be detained."
―An Imperial Senate Sentinel confronts Starkiller upon his arrival.[src]

Touching down once again on the Imperial landing pad that had been erected on the staircase of the entrance to the Temple, Starkiller eliminated the stormtroopers standing guard, which had been heavily reinforced due to his earlier visit (with an Imperial Senate Sentinel also attempting to arrest Starkiller on the spot before being cut down) and once more made his way to the Jedi Archives. Once he had passed through the archives, Starkiller was forced to make his own route to the Jedi beacon room, due to the large amount of debris in the grand hall that surrounded the archives. After dispatching the Imperials guarding its entrance, Marek finally entered the vast archives.

Trial of InsightEdit

"The scent of your fear is…intoxicating…"
―Darth Phobos to Starkiller[src]

While Darth Sidious had ordered the library's protection during Operation: Knightfall, the Jedi protecting the four main wings of the Archives brought down the ceiling in the central atrium and a few of the archive's wings.

It was within one of the damaged wings that Starkiller encountered an incarnation of the ancient Sith Lord, Darth Phobos. A hologram created as part of the Jedi Trials' line-up of potential Sith adversaries for Padawans near knighthood, her holocron had been activated with Starkiller's presence, releasing the phantom form of the long dead Sith Lady. Engaging each other in lightsaber combat, Phobos often changed her appearance to that of one of the few people Starkiller cared for, Captain Juno Eclipse, believing that would hold him back. However, the young Sith apprentice was unrestrained by the illusion, and savagely battled the Sith apparition. Hurling busts and holobooks around towards his opponent, Starkiller eventually pushed the Sith illusionist through four bookcases, as well as telekinetically slammed her against the walls and the ceiling after she attempted to throw her saber at him. Wounded, Phobos once again attempted her disguise in order to spare her defeat. Not fooled by the image before him, Starkiller stabbed Phobos through her back. Her image fading away signaled the end of the Trial.


"Well done, my young Apprentice. You are ready to face a true Jedi now."
―Darth Vader congratulates Starkiller on his completion of the Trial.[src]

Immediately after the duel's end, PROXY, Marek's holodroid companion entered with orders from Darth Vader. Starkiller then left the Temple once more to begin hunting down Jedi Master, Shaak Ti. PROXY then admitted that he hated having to act as Vader's messenger, while Marek speculated being Vader himself.

Behind the scenesEdit

This mission is only available for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and Wii versions of The Force Unleashed. On the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation 3 versions, Starkiller will head straight to Felucia after Raxus Prime.

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