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Starkiller was a modified Frommon Longhaul all-purpose transport used by bounty hunter Leshy Drobo around 20,000 BBY. When Drobo and XT-8 captured Jedi Knight Roni von Wasaki, they froze him in carbonite and stored him in a hidden compartment in the cargo hold of the Starkiller. This did not stop Wasaki from trying to escape, however, and he managed to convince Drobo to free him through use of the Force. When XT-8 discovered this, he confronted Drobo in the engine room where he managed to kill Drobo. Unfortunately, some shots damaged the hyperdrive and XT-8 was not programmed to repair it, causing a trip that would have lasted only 30 days to last over 20,000 years. Despite this, XT-8 continued his journey to bring Wasaki to the crime boss to receive the reward of 100,000 credits.


The ship was eventually encountered by a group of Rebels during the Galactic Civil War although, when they tried to dock, XT-8 fired upon them before being overpowered by their vastly superior ship. Shortly afterward the group boarded the Starkiller through its airlock which had been dented by collision with a meteor and was jammed shut. They managed to lift it and were greeted by a gust of stale but breathable air. While the group were exploring the dust covered lounge and examining the furniture, they accidentally activated the controls for a holoprojection disc which was hidden under the dust in the center of the room. This projected a ragged, black form which rose from the floor, its bestial eyes seeming to stare through them. It spread its membranous wings and loomed over the group, its fang-filled mouth dripping fake venom. Though this could do no real damage, a startled member of the group fired upon it, causing some slight damage to the ship.


The deckplan of the Starkiller

The head room contained washing and crude waste-disposal facilities as well as a vidscreen opposite the toilet which was programmed with reading materials from periodic files. A medpac hung next to this. Close to this was a hidden laser cannon turret which appeared to be nothing more than a storage locker with an emergency space suit hanging in the back and two boxes of miscellaneous junk lying on the floor. However, a hidden hatch in the ceiling controlled a retractable ladder which led up to the laser cannon's firing seat. Next to this was the captain's quarters which contained a bed, chair, and a desk with a computer terminal mounted on top of it. This computer could be used to access the ship's computer. A storage cubicle was set into the aft wall which contained a full set of bounty hunter armor, a force pike, a heavy blaster pistol and, after the crew captured Wasaki, two lightsabers. The galley was situated next to this room which contained everything associated with food storage and preparation on the ship. By the time the group of Rebels boarded the ship, the autochef was malfunctioning and caused any food ordered to appear as a blue-gray slime or a black, hardened chunk.

The bridge was where XT-8 had been sitting for over 20,000 years and, when the group entered, he rose from the chair and pivoted about, opening his chest panel and firing at them. The group managed to disable XT-8, however, ending his 20,000 year long mission. The ship's computer could also be accessed by the bridge console, although it was trapped so that anyone not skilled enough would cause a blast door to seal the bridge off from the rest of the ship while ventilation ducts sucked out the oxygen.

The engine room was located in the middle of the ship and, because of XT-8's conflict with Drobo, the hyperdrive access panel was riddled with bullet holes, as was the mummified corpse of Drobo, slumped against it. When the Rebels touched the corpse it crumbled revealing a hold-out blaster hidden within his clothes. The group then proceeded to the cargo hold where they discovered a cargo of 50 crates marked as "repulsorlift parts", although it was actually useless junk and was secured with gravnets. The aft portion of this hold dropped to load and unload cargo, although a security lock prevented it from doing so while in space. While searching this room, the Rebels came across the hidden compartment which Wasaki was being held in. They proceeded to free him from his prison and, after some questioning, took them aboard their ship.

Behind the scenesEdit

The ship is obviously named after Luke Starkiller, one of George Lucas's earlier names for his main character.