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The Starless Expanse was a region of the galaxy that contained the Starlight Beacon space station.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Starless Expanse was introduced in The High Republic Free Digital Sampler,[1] published on December 12, 2020.[2] The region's name was featured in an excerpt of the first issue of the Marvel comic-book series Star Wars: The High Republic,[1] with the series author, Cavan Scott, coining the term in his script for the issue.[3]

However, the final version of the comic issue, which was penciled by Ario Anindito[4] and published on January 6, 2021,[5] omitted the term.[4] In the Behind-the-Scenes Exclusive version of the first issue,[3] published on April 7, 2021,[6] Scott revealed that the label identifying the region had been dropped during the development process as its name was deemed to contradict stars being visible in the background of the corresponding panel.[3] Canonically, Starlight Beacon was established to have been located in the Eiram system[7] of the Outer Rim Territories[8] as part of the Galactic Frontier.[9]



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