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"Starlight: Part One: Go Together" is a High Republic story written by Charles Soule that was published in Star Wars Insider 199 on December 15, 2020. It was advertised as a prequel to Soule's upcoming novel and the first in a line of High Republic short stories exclusive to the magazine. It was first announced at a Star Wars: The High Republic panel at New York Comic Con. It served as a "Chapter 0" to The High Republic: Light of the Jedi according to Soule. Part two of the story was published in Star Wars Insider 200.

Plot summary[]

Joss Adren, a mechanic and contractor on the Starlight Beacon, finishes packing up his clothing in preparation for his and his wife Pikka's departure from the recently completed space station. However, Pikka is distracted, despite having been insistent about being ready on time earlier, paying close attention to her datapad. She reveals to Joss that she's found an error in the station's power systems, one that she feels they should take a look at, despite the fact that their work on the station is over.

Heading to investigate, Joss and Pikka run into station administrator Shai Tennem giving Admiral Pevel Kronara and a party of Jedi a tour of the station. The Adrens are concerned that they'll be roped into joining the tour, despite the power issue being time-sensitive, when Master Nib Assek, on the word of her Padawan Burryaga Agaburry, suggests that the couple be left to their work, allowing them to hurry on. They find the problem inside Conduit 398-GX14, near the entrance to Starlight Beacon's Jedi temple: a miswired resistor hub that could wipe out power to the whole station if not fixed. Joss, the mechanic, moves to implement a fix for the problem with a spanner, but his hand is too large to fit inside it, meaning Pikka has to fix it, despite not being experienced in that kind of work. Her husband reassures her otherwise, and they manage to fix the problem together.

After having departed the station, passengers aboard the Galactic Republic cruiser Third Horizon, Pikka writes up an incident report on the wiring issue for Administrator Tennem, sending it off, while Joss befriends a Twi'lek working on the vessel's complement of Longbeam cruisers. Suddenly, Admiral Kronara makes an announcement over the intercom: the Third Horizon is diverting because of a distress signal picked up from the Hetzal system, and any passengers with piloting or rescue experience should make themselves known to the crew immediately. The Adrens have no idea what could have happened, since the Republic has been at peace for a long time, but moved to volunteer.


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